Packaging and Brand Identity:  Unleashing the Power of Visual Storytelling

Advertising and marketing means nothing if you don’t have a strong brand identity. 88% of consumers in a recent survey stated that they value authenticity when supporting a brand.

Cohesive branding helps you to communicate your brand identity to your clients. Are you doing enough to align your packaging with your brand?
Keep reading to learn about the various links between branding and packaging to consider when planning your shipping strategy.

What Is A Brand Identity, And Why Does It Matter?

There are several factors that contribute to your overall brand identity. You want customers to know who you are and what you stand for. Here’s what you should be thinking about when planning your brand identity:

  • What your brand says – do you have a slogan or motto that your brand lives by? Why are you selling the products you offer, and why do they matter to you? Figuring out what your brand says and why you are building it is the key to your identity.
  • What your brand looks like – the aesthetics of your brand contribute to your brand identity. The colours, symbolism, and font you use are all ways to communicate who you are. Your logo could be classic, modern, fresh, elegant, or funky. It’s an important visual representative of what your brand is.
  • How you communicate your product – is there any specific language you wish to have surrounding it, what it does, and why it’s valuable? Constructing this language will help you provide website copy, advertisements, and content guidelines.
    You can begin planning a packaging strategy that aligns with and maximizes your brand identity by figuring out these three things.

How To Incorporate Your Brand Identity In Your Branded Packaging

Do you love making the most of your money? Who doesn’t, right? By choosing custom-branded packaging, you can get more bang for your buck and incorporate your brand identity into your packaging. Let’s explore the many ways you can do this.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Is sustainability a part of your brand image? Customers are starting to demand more sustainable practices from their favourite brands, and you need to stay ahead of the curve to retain their interest.

By choosing eco-friendly packaging, you can reduce the environmental impact of the entire packaging process. The materials for your packaging will be more sustainably sourced, and the manufacturing processes will be more carbon-friendly. And, when your customers are finished unboxing or unwrapping their products, they can recycle the packaging so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

By utilizing eco-friendly packaging, you can establish your brand as one that does its part to protect our planet. You’re communicating to your customers that you take climate change seriously and that they can purchase your products with a clear conscience.

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is the cornerstone of creating cohesive visual branding for your company. Here’s what you’ll gain by investing in custom packaging:

  • Your logo – you can add it to your packaging so your customers remember your name and brand the next time they shop online.
  • Your colours – if you have a distinct brand colour, you can choose mailers and boxes in these colours, as well as packing tape and stickers. They will perfectly match your colour palette and brand aesthetic.
  • Instructions – you can give unboxing or unwrapping instructions to show your customers you care about product quality. Choosing more distinctive and personal branded packaging helps your business in the following ways:
  • Advertising – you improve ROI on your packaging investments by advertising your brand. Your customers will be reminded of your company when their package arrives, so you stay in their minds for next time!
  • Customer experience – your packaging is the only way (other than your products) that your customers will engage physically with your brand. Creating a tailored and personal experience for your customers will improve retention rates.

A Personal Touch

In addition to providing custom and eco-friendly packaging, you can include a note for your customers. Adding a personal touch and message will help your customers connect with you.

You can thank the customer for their purchase, explain more about your products, and sell your brand identity.

A personal note is especially touching when it comes from a small business – explain who you are, what your products mean to you, and how you got started. Your customers will connect and engage with you more personally this way.

Choose The Packaging Company For Packaging That Reflects Your Brand

Packaging is a great advertising resource your competitors may not have tapped into yet. Packaging can be an asset to your marketing strategy and brand identity – so take advantage of it!

By working with the packaging experts at The Packaging Company, you can create outstanding, memorable branded packaging that’s true to your vision. Contact us today.