Rust and corrosion can be expensive, challenging problems for businesses that ship metal parts or products. Once corrosion sets in, metal surfaces not only lose their shiny, pristine look, but they also lose their structural integrity and can weaken significantly. Yet, there is one rust-defeating product that can help preserve the quality of your metal products: Armor Protective Packaging® is the ideal moisture defence your products need.

If you have ever wondered how ARMOR VCI works so optimally, it has a scientific mechanism that keeps metals in their perfect state. Keep reading to discover more about ARMOR VCI’s cutting-edge technology and how you can practically apply it in your packaging to deliver the best metal products to customers.

Why is Rust Prevention Packaging Important?

Rust prevention packaging is important for a couple of reasons. Simply put, it’s a rust mitigator. It greatly minimizes the chances of moisture or humidity entering the packaging and causing rust on your metal components or products, which can look unappealing.

In doing so, this packaging supports the product’s aesthetic look and quality. It enhances customer satisfaction and ensures corrosion does not lead to expensive repair requirements.

What Cutting-Edge Technology Do ARMOR VCI Packaging Supplies Offer?

Layered with cutting-edge technology known as volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI), ARMOR VCI packaging supplies contain chemicals that create an anti-corrosion, rust protection layer. The chemical compounds emit vapours into the enclosed space that surrounds the product; the nano-sized layer of vapour dispels moisture.

Many ARMOR VCI packaging solutions are made of a few specific compounds, such as nitrite of amines and amine carboxylates. At the molecular level, the chemicals contact the metal surface. The barrier they create blocks oxygen from settling on the surface. Beyond this, ARMOR VCI can work to impede and neutralize any molecules already present on the surface that can cause corrosion.

3 Industries that Need VCI Packaging

You now know that metal products often require VCI packaging to remain rust-free. It’s also the case that several industries frequently need VCI packaging and use them extensively. Here are three examples of industries that use this solution.

Electronics Manufacturers

With their production of metal circuit boards, microchips, and other electronic components, electronics manufacturers require a way to keep their products free from rust. Many use VCI films to protect those metallic surfaces with the nano-sized moisture-defensive layer.

Automotive Manufacturers

Protecting the metal parts they produce is essential to ensure automotive manufacturers do not need to complete costly rust repair work. VCI packaging is ideal in this industry, especially if automotive parts need to sit in a warehouse or be shipped internationally in moist conditions.

Consumer Product Manufacturers

Consumer product manufacturers who create metal products such as screws, power tools, and bicycles require VCI packaging to protect each part. The solution works perfectly if the manufacturer needs to store the consumer products for long timeframes.

Practical Application: How to Use ARMOR VCI Packaging Materials

Since multiple types of ARMOR VCI packaging materials are available, their practical application can vary, but the process is similar. Here’s how to use different types of ARMOR VCI packaging solutions.

Using ARMOR WRAP® Rust Preventative Paper Sheets

With ARMOR WRAP® rust preventative paper sheets, you can wrap the corrosion protection solution around the metal product. As part of the practical application, keeping the whole surface area covered is essential when you package products. Gaps in the packaging will not be effective in preventing corrosion.

Your package should also place nothing between the ARMOR VCI paper sheets and the metal surface. Any barriers will prevent the packaging from doing its job.

Using VCI Packaging Bags

Using VCI packaging bags made of low-density polyethylene film is as simple as placing your metal product inside the bag and sealing it. As with VCI paper sheets, it’s worth ensuring you seal the bag carefully and tightly.

You can purchase flat or gusseted bags. Flat bags have three sealed sides and an open top. Gusseted bags have a crease that helps you expand them. It’s important to ensure you choose the correct size that doesn’t strain when you seal it.

Several VCI packaging bag seals, such as resealable zips, heat seals, or ties, are available. Therefore, you can seal the VCI bags with heat, tape them securely, or tie the open top to create the perfect barrier around the entire metal product.

Using the Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative VCI Product

Dry Coat™ rust preventative VCI product is ideal for ferrous metals. You can use this anti-corrosion liquid by applying it to the surface of your metal products. It works by forming a transparent, protective coating.

The coating will repel any substances that cause corrosion, such as moisture. So, once you apply the Dry Coat™ with a brush, you can store the item in a warehouse, no matter the humidity level, and it will remain rust-free. Just ensure you cover the entire metal surface and avoid leaving any gaps.

If you need to remove this VCI product, you can apply a simple metal cleaning solution or mild detergent to the surface of the metal.

Using ARMOR POLY® Rust Preventative Stretch Film

Applying the ARMOR POLY® rust preventative stretch film requires you to wrap the flexible, low-density polyethylene film around your metal items. Ensure you tightly bind the packaging to ensure the molecular barrier repels the moisture successfully.

Since it has a shiny surface, the plastic material also aids moisture resistance, giving you doubly effective rust prevention.

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