It may still be winter, but things are warming up—it’s time to talk about Valentine’s candy packaging. Our favourite candy brands are showing some love to their candy packaging, and we just couldn’t be happier about it. We’re always game to overload on chocolate, sugar and the colour red!

We’ve already shown you our favourite Halloween and Christmas candy packaging, so let’s keep the tradition going. Here’s 5 lovely examples of Valentine’s-themed candy packaging.

Dove Truffle Hearts Tin

Valentine's Candy Packaging: Dove Hearts Tin

There’s a reason lots of packaging uses a heart shape during Valentine’s—it’s a wordless expression of love and appreciation. But when it’s used for candy, it’s also a silent signal that there’s some mega-delicious candy inside, and the sooner you open it, the sooner you can consume it all. It’s shiny, it’s red and it gets your attention without the use of flashing lights or big lettering. That’s a packaging win!

M&M’s Triple Chocolate

Valentine's Candy Packaging: M&M's Triple Chocolate

These guys always come through with great packaging, and this wrapper’s no exception. First off, triple chocolate? We’re in. But secondly, look at those colour choices. Browns to promote the chocolate inside, and the red, pink and blue candy shells to signify this is some delicious Valentine’s-themed candy. Plus, you’ve got the Red M&M holding an M&M’s ring: if you like, then you better put an M&M’s ring on it, people.

Minis Mix Heart

Valentine's Candy Packaging: Minis Mix Heart

For the paramour who loves everything, there’s the Minis Mix. Snickers, Milky Way and Twix, packed away but bursting to get out. And see, there’s that heart-shaped packaging again—almost as if they know something we don’t, huh? It’s a gift, it’s a heart, and it’s full of three kinds of chocolate bars. This isn’t just a Valentine’s candy packaging win, it’s a chocolatey win, too!

Wild Berry Skittles Candy ‘N Stickers

Valentine's Candy Packaging: Wild Berry Skittles

When you’ve gotta show your appreciation to a whole lotta people, how better else to do it than with candy and cute Valentine’s cards? It’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s delicious, and it promotes true sharing and communication—and even the teacher isn’t left out of this one. Talk about hitting all the right hallmarks of good, fun, communicative packaging.

Dove Hearts

Valentine's Candy Packaging: Dove Hearts

If you’ve read our other candy blogs, you’ll instantly recognize why this Valentine’s candy packaging made the list again. Dove consistently makes packaging that’s both good looking, eye-catching and appetizing. The outer wrapping is both bright and warm, the chocolates look irresistible (peanut butter and TWO different kinds of chocolate? We’re in!), and the clear window gets the candy cravings going. Plus, the individual wrappers are colourful, gorgeous and almost too good to unwrap and recycle. Notice we said almost. We’re totally digging in.

Packaging is awesome, and we’re always glad to see brands (candy-based or otherwise) having fun with theirs. What’s your favourite Valentine’s candy packaging? We’d love to know—and if there’s any candy packaging in general that you love, we’d love to showcase it. Happy Valentine’s (candy) Day all!

Image Sources: Confectionery News, Pinterest