Is there any line of toys as prolific or iconic as the Star Wars collection? Spanning action figures, models, vehicles, board games and so much more, Star Wars is undeniably everywhere. Luckily, great attention is paid to their packaging, and most of it carries impressive creative thought, expert design and smart details. Here’s 5 of our favourite Force-filled examples of Star Wars packaging.

Empire Coffee Cups

Star Wars Packaging: Coffee Lids

It’s a concept design that’s so good we wish it were at every coffee shop. Imagine carting around a coffee cup with a Darth Vader or Stormtrooper coffee lid on it. The jokes you could crack would be endless: “I find your lack of whipped topping disturbing,” or “these aren’t the hot chocolates you’re looking for.” We’ll stop there, but it’s a safe bet we’d all have a hard time tossing out such a cool piece of art.

Evian Water Bottles

Star Wars Packaging: Water Bottles

This one’s a concept design as well, but it’s so ridiculously attractive that it deserves to be on shelves. Minimalist, graphical interpretations of Star Wars’ most popular characters are wrapped around water bottles so statuesque they’d easily find their way into every Star Wars packaging fan’s collection. It’s also a great way to use sales to test which characters are most beloved by the public. We’re partial to Chewbacca or R2-D2. How about you?

Covergirl Star Wars Line

Star Wars Packaging: Covergirl

Guys aren’t the only Star Wars fans out there, so it makes a lot of sense for Covergirl to cross-promote. For the launch of The Force Awakens, they created a line of vibrant lipstick and accessory colours that would make a fan of even Queen Amidala. Marrying sleek black and silver onto the packaging, along with some of Star Wars’ well-known lines, it’s a strategy that pays homage to both brands.

Retro Action Figures

Star Wars Packaging: Retro Action Figures

Star Wars celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017, and took the fun step of releasing new versions of their original action figures in replicas of original packaging. The photography, logos and graphics used were perfect, creating a demand that even in-the-know toy analysts were surprised by. Interesting fact—did you know that the original figures weren’t ready in time for the Christmas season? The packaging shipped with a certificate that would be used to trade-in for the actual figures once they were ready to go.

Battling Multicopter Drones

Star Wars Packaging: Drones

These guys are our favourites, and you’ll see why pretty quickly. Right from the start, it’s an exciting, tactile, exclusive looking piece of packaging. The front face of dark grey container has a 3D version of the movie vehicle the drone is based on—and that alone is eye-catching. But what really takes the cake here is the phenomenal unboxing experience made for the first time you take the drone out of the packaging.

Pulling off the top reveals the drone on display, lit up for maximum appeal, while Star Wars sound effects play. Don’t believe it? Check out this video. We’re still grinning over this (and about to fight over who gets to play with the drones first!).

We’re Force-sensitive to great Star Wars packaging, especially when it marries form and function as well as these examples do. What’s your favourite Star Wars-themed packaging? Share it with us on social media—we’d love to know. Now, excuse us while we get back to our drone-based battle royale!

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