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Paper Rolls

Using a kraft paper roll isn’t just a great way to protect your products from cosmetic damage, it’s also a great way to keep your high-volume projects moving. There’s no need to wrangle with sheets that just aren’t big enough for the job—simply roll out the amount you want and cut as needed. And for struggle-free use, paper roll cutters hold a kraft paper roll in place so you can measure and cut with ease.

Wrapping products is the best way to protect them during shipping, but kraft paper also works just as well as a void fill for shipments that aren’t quite full yet. Gathering it into big, artful bunches is easy to do by hand, but if you’re in the middle of a high-volume packing project, a paper crumpler can add some much-needed speed to your efforts.

Kraft paper rolls from The Packaging Company are the ideal choice for packing, protecting and shipping your valuable products.

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Sometimes you need a packing solution that doesn’t involve putting more fill into boxes or crates. One approach worth considering is the use of corrugated packing paper rolls. Also known as single face corrugate, these rolls offer advantages that’ll serve you and your client.

Always the Right Size

One key benefit of using the right size of brown paper packaging roll is that you don’t waste time trying to cut to fit. You can order rolls using standard sizing, but having rolls cut to custom dimensions isn’t out of the question. That’s always helpful if you have more than one product that you ship out on a daily basis.

Easy to Work With

The flexible nature of a packing paper roll means that it’s easy to wrap your products and ensure the paper is securely in place. Being so easy to work with means that your employees will spend less time with the packing and inspection process—and your products will ship out that much more quickly.

Durability that Doesn’t Stop with Shipping

It’s not enough to simply get a product to a buyer or client in good condition. What happens if they store the product in a warehouse or supply closet for a few weeks (or even months)? Its packaging needs to hold up well over time and the right type of packaging paper roll can do that. It’ll ensure the product isn’t contaminated by dust or anything else that could decrease its quality.

There’s definitely a lot to learn and think about when it comes to corrugated packing paper. When you’re ready, The Packaging Company has what you’ll need to ensure you can always ship to your customers promptly and properly.