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We Are Dedicated to Helping Businesses Succeed

Mission Statement

To be successful in the digital age you have to be responsive, agile and open to change. Creating products, building a store and getting sales are only the first steps to doing business online. We’re here to help businesses thrive by streamlining packaging and logistics processes after checkout. Hence “The Packaging Company” – our packaging solutions evolve to fit your rapidly changing business needs as you grow.

Whether you fulfill 50 orders a month or 500, we’ve got you covered. We deliver short-run packaging solutions at competitive prices and have the infrastructure across North America to support your business at different milestones as you scale.

We believe that providing an exciting unboxing experience shouldn’t be solely reserved for large retailers who have the resources and space to stock bulk orders. With The Packaging Company as your partner you can choose from a wide selection of products, sizes and styles to get the quantity you need, when you need it. With next day shipping options available, customers will receive their orders in record time with minimal overhead cost to the retailer.

At The Packaging Company, we are here to help your business succeed. We’ve built our company with the needs of online retailers in mind and it shows from our intuitive online storefront and eco-friendly products to our dedicated team of customer service and packaging experts. Connect with us today to find out about how your business can grow with us.