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Paper & Cardboard

Paper and cardboard products are universally practical, recyclable and functional.

This staple can be found in every home and business. Often overlooked and often underrated.

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You know your goods are of the highest quality, so they deserve the right packing materials to keep them safe. Skimping on packing supplies can put your products at risk and hurt your business in the long run. Take, for example, packing paper. Do you know what it takes to choose the right kind for your business?

Weight Matters

You already know that paper for letterheads and general printing comes in different weights. But did you know that the brown packing paper you invest in needs to be at least 30 weight? Anything less will not provide proper protection for your goods during shipping.

Format’s Important

You can buy brown paper packaging in large rolls. This is especially useful if your packing process uses some type of assembly line approach. The rolls can be mounted so that employees can easily cut the packing paper to fit inside of boxes or containers.

Durability Counts

You use paper for shipping items, but how about using it for making a move? Packing paper used for moving must be sturdy enough to protect surfaces from scratches and minor bumps. Use it in conjunction with paperboard packaging (it’s easily carried or loaded on a hand truck), which can be placed between furniture items as more layers of protection, and your move can be a lot less complicated.

When it comes to preparing your products for shipment and storage, it’s important to choose the right paper. The Packaging Company has the packing paper that’s an ideal fit for your business model.