Now that you’ve got your moving timeline down, you can concentrate on the big move itself. It can be a big task, so we’ve put together this home moving checklist of tips that’ll help you do and collect everything you’ll need.

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Choose the right box sizes

This is a biggie. Choosing the right box size can help protect your stuff—and you—from damage or injury. Use moving boxes for packing, as they come in standardized sizes that are easier to stack and harder to overpack.

Small moving boxes are your best bet for packing up smaller, loose items like utensils, tools, toiletries, books or picture frames. Home décor, clothing, bedding and linens are ideal for medium moving boxes. Big but light items like pillows and comforters should go into large moving boxes. Consider a Space Saver Wardrobe Box for coats, dresses, suits and anything you don’t want to fold up.

Choose the right box types

Corrugated boxes are always a great choice, but even they don’t cover every situation. If you’re organizing heavy fabrics, toys, or your basement isn’t as dry as it could be for storage, consider plastic bins. Formed in one solid piece with a locking lid on top, they form a good seal once closed and stack easily.

Build a few storage boxes to house the bills, records and paperwork you’re taking with you. Just like plastic bins, they stack easily too and there’s no need to unpack them right away.

Grab your favourite packaging supplies

Start with the basics: bubble cushion and packing paper. Properly wrapped around your valuables, these guys will keep them from colliding and breaking. Once you start packing boxes, bubble and paper easily crumple up into void fill, adding extra protection during moving.

Protect your floors and walls

Lay down rug runners to protect your floors (and even your stairs) from getting marked or scuffed up by boots and tire treads. Shoe covers will help protect carpets from having dirt or mud ground into them.

Moving blankets are a must for large furniture and appliances. Properly wrapped up, they’ll stay as safe as possible from dents and scratches during the trip to their new home.

Handle the heavy items right

Dollies and hand trucks are a real day saver (and a back saver, too!). When it comes to moving the couch, dining room table or washing machine, dollies and hand trucks can be the difference between safety and injury. Appliance dollies have belts that wrap around units to keep them secure, while hand trucks can help give you leverage against longer or lopsided furniture.

Keep your packing efforts organized

The key to staying on track is to take your time and not let the job overwhelm you. A great way to keep things in line is by labelling all your moving boxes properly. Coloured packing tape, sticker labels and a black marker will get the job done right. Choose a colour for each room and write the contents of a box on the outside of it. You’ll know exactly where everything goes, and you won’t have to open every box to find one item.


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