Sometimes the standard moving box just isn’t as ideal as you’d like it to be. Who wants to fold clothing? Who wants to have to wrap every item with bubble cushioning or kraft paper? Who wants to fight for a handhold while carrying a box, or struggle to keep it closed without packaging tape?

That’s where The Packaging Company comes in and that’s where you’re in luck. We carry an assortment of boxes and supplies meant for more specific needs that make packing, transporting and storing things so much easier.

Space Saver Wardrobe Boxes

These boxes stand 24” x 24” x 42” when fully assembled, designed specifically for transporting and storing clothing. A reinforced hanging bar means clothing be hanged from hooks, not only saving the time usually spent folding and unfolding, but avoiding creasing and wrinkling too.

Best of all, it’s completely reusable. You can fold it flat, toss it in the car and lend it to a friend, move someone into a university dorm, or use it as a closet at the cottage.

Plastic Boxes

Sometimes a corrugated box isn’t the best choice. Maybe your items are too heavy to be stacked in corrugated boxes, or maybe they need extra protection from dust, water and light. Or maybe you’ve just forgotten to pick up packaging tape and need a container that can seal itself.

That’s when a plastic box can step in, step up, and do what needs to be done. Perfect for your car’s trunk, or for storing in a not-totally-dry basement, plastic boxes are great when corrugated isn’t the ideal container.

Electronics Protection

Have you thrown out the box for your tablet and don’t have anything to protect it? Both foam and bubble pouches are perfect for protecting screens from scratches, cracks and static discharge.

And who has their TV’s original packaging, right? There are specially-sized corrugated boxes meant to protect a flat screen TV during transit. And if you’re putting a few gaming systems together in one box, bubble cushion and corrugated fragile divider kits can ensure everything stays separated and doesn’t collide with its neighbour.

Options are important, and specialty packaging supplies provide just that. Check out everything The Packaging Company has to offer—you, your tablet and your wardrobe will not be disappointed.