How Long Do Cold Packs Last For Shipping?

Many forms of medication and all perishable foods require proper packaging and cold packs for shipping. Finding the right combination can ensure that your deliveries do not end up damaged or spoiled when they reach their destination.

Warmer weather offers additional challenges when it comes to shipping items that need to stay cool. To help you beat the heat, we offer these expert tips and information on how to best use cold packs and cold shipping packaging supplies.

How Long Do Reusable Cold Packs Last?

If you are relying on store-bought cold packs, you can expect 24-36 hours of effective cooling. However, when shipping perishable products this small timeframe can quickly become an issue due to unforeseen shipping errors and logistical issues. Luckily, there are cold pack solutions that are better fitted for the unpredictable shipping process, ones that can guarantee your products arrive fresh and safe.

What Are The Different Types Of Cold Packs?

At The Packaging Company, we carry a variety of advanced insulated cold packs that provide uniform cooling for days. All of our cold packs are made with a durable, leak-proof shell and in most cases are reusable. Furthermore, they are made from non-toxic, food-safe materials that can stay cold for much longer than traditional ice.

Re-Freez-R-Brix™ Cold Bricks

If you are shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals or lab tests, consider using Re-Freez-R-Brix™ Cold Bricks to ensure that your shipped perishables are being kept at the required temperatures. These particularly advanced cold packs are designed to protect against thawing and keep products uniformly chilled for up to 12 or more days. As a bonus, these leakproof cold packs are reusable, making them an economical choice for your company.

Ice-Brix™ Cold Packs

Our Ice-Brix™ Cold Packs are best used for shipping perishable food items as they can keep items cold for a few days. They are made with the finest non-toxic, food-safe gel refrigerants and are also leakproof and reusable.

Tech Pack™ Moisture Resistant Cold Packs

Tech Pack™ Moisture Resistant Cold Packs work great for reducing condensation in humid conditions. The polyethylene material provides superior strength and performance, making them puncture-resistant and flexible.

Tips for Keeping Your Packages Cold

If you are wondering how to keep perishables cold while shipping, consider these tips.

Even the best cold packs will not be effective if do not use the right shipping materials. Consider using an insulated box liner to insulate your package and keep your cold packs effective.

You typically will not need to purchase any special type of shipping container. A cardboard box with the proper liner material and a cold pack from our product line can provide consistent and even cooling for several days or longer.

Choose the right size container for your shipping needs. If you are mailing a single small item, you won’t be needing a large box. The extra space will only reduce the cooling power of your cold packs and increase the likelihood of your product shifting and becoming damaged during the shipping process.

As a general rule, your shipping contents and cold packs should fit snuggly but not tightly in the box that you are using. Once you have packed your supplies, be sure to tightly seal the box with packing tape to keep your items cold.

Purchase High-Quality Cold Packs for Shipping

When shipping perishable products, reusable cold packs can ensure your items make it to your customer safe and unspoiled. The Packing Company offers a wide range of cold pack options. Some of our products will keep your items cold for a few days while other more advanced products can keep your items cold for more than 12 days.

No matter your shipping needs, we have the supplies you need to ensure that your items are safely delivered. Check out our full selection of insulated packaging products today to get started!