Whether you’re in an air-conditioned theater with an awesome sound system, or chilling in your car during a perfect night at the drive-in, popcorn is unquestionably the perfect companion. With all those freshly-popped kernels just covered in deliciously melted butter, even the lamest of movies can seem pretty good. Especially when you’ve got a giant pile of it packed into big, spacious popcorn bags.

Popcorn packaging always gets the job done. So, when you’re deciding on which bags to choose, go by size and intent. Are you going to lavish customers in enough popcorn to pin them to the ground? Go for the big, unfolding duplex bags. Giving out samples? Use the smaller bags and let the scent of popcorn speak for itself. And if you’re looking to stand out, be sure to use printed bags. They’re pretty sweet.

Who needs big, unwieldy boxes or tubs that have to sit on your lap? Popcorn bags are where it’s at!

Glazed White Popcorn Bags

Why not let the freshly popped stuff speak for itself? These guys are translucent white popcorn bags, so even without any printing it’s obvious they’re stuffed full of everybody’s favourite movie treat. They’re also machine glazed to help keep salt, powders and melted butter contained. No more worries about getting messy hands from holding the paper bag.

And you don’t have to stop with popcorn. Carnivals use them for stuffing with treats, stadiums fill them with roasted nuts, and festivals pack them with delicious food samples.

White Popcorn Bags

Sometimes you want that little bit of colour to pull the eyes in. White printed popcorn bags bring back that old school, nostalgic feel of eating popcorn at the circus or wandering around a fall fair. With their red banding and popcorn graphics, they’re sure to make passersby smell the buttery goodness and go hunt down a bag of it for themselves.

Made of paper and glazed to keep melted butter where it belongs, these retro-looking popcorn packaging bags come in multiple sizes for multiple appetites. Everybody, dig in!

Printed Popcorn Bags

Here’s where popcorn flexes a little and makes everybody drool. No longer content with having just enough colour to feel like throwback packaging, printed popcorn bags are standing up and making sure they’re noticed no matter what.

Black printed duplex popcorn bags are a stark contrast to the white and golden yellow treat they house. Built so they can be unfolded, stood up and preloaded, they can be put on display, rested on arm chairs, and—of course—even on someone’s lap. And since they’re lightly coated, there’s no worry they’ll mess up your jeans or your coat.

Colours and prints are a nice option available to popcorn food bags, too. Other printed bags let popcorn imagery take center stage, while making the packaging pop with bright and contrasting colours like blue, orange, red and purple.

Moist Towelettes

Once that bag of popcorn is empty, hungry (or maybe not-so-hungry) patrons will be left with salt-covered fingers and greasy cheeks. And while paper napkins are always a good choice to help them clean themselves up, you know what’s even better? Moist towelettes.

Individually packaged and lemon-scented, wet wipes will make quick work of salt crystals and smears of butter on fingertips. It’s a nice and fresh, clean and sanitized feeling. All that’s left is for moviegoers to sit back, relax, and finish that extra-long summer blockbuster.

When it comes to delicious foods to eat during movies, outdoor shows and other festivals, a big bag of popcorn is hard to beat. And here at The Packaging Company, so is our popcorn packaging. Whether unprinted, retro or covered in colour, they’re the perfect vessel for such a delicious and social treat. Get to popping, you’ve got customers waiting.