Accommodate differently sized documents or objects with the same tube.

Image SKU Type Dimensions Unit of Measure Price Add to Cart
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 2 x 24" C-2421 Telescoping 2 x 24" EAC
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 4 x 24" C-2433 Telescoping 4 x 24" EAC
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 4 x 30" C-2434 Telescoping 4 x 30" EAC
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 2 x 36" C-2422 Telescoping 2 x 36" EAC
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 4 x 36" C-2435 Telescoping 4 x 36" EAC
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 4 x 42" C-2436 Telescoping 4 x 42" EAC
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 2 x 43" C-2423 Telescoping 2 x 43" EAC
Mailing Tubes, Telescoping, Kraft, 3 x 48" C-2432 Telescoping 3 x 48" EAC

Telescopic tubes are perfect for mailing long items that need to be kept secure in shipping. This includes posters, artwork, large documents, blueprints, and various other similar shipments. They are extremely strong, crush resistant, and come with caps that seal easily with tape. These mailing tubes will keep your shipments safe during even the most arduous and difficult shipping processes.
Packages frequently get bumped, dropped, and shoved around during shipping. If you’ve packed your shipment using strong, durable shipping tubes, you prevent the products inside from getting damaged. As a business, there isn’t much worse than having a product get damaged before it arrives to your customer. This is especially true for documents and other items that you would typically ship using mailing tubes. These items aren’t just fragile, but they are often very unique as well. For instance, if you mail out some artwork such as a painting or drawing, and it’s damaged during shipping, this shipment isn’t exactly easy to replace.
That’s where telescopic tubes come in. They’re easy to use, reliable, durable, and cost-effective. Using shipping tubes keeps shipments secure and it prevents you from using oversized boxes to send out oddly-shaped items, which can be costly. Our tubes save you money on shipping by keeping your products secure without unnecessary bulk.

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