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Image SKU Style Color Type Dimensions Unit of Measure Price Add to Cart
3M 370 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 1" x 60', Gray D-9540 Non-Slip Gray 3M 370 1" x 60' RL
3M 220 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 1" x 60', Clear D-9537 Non-Slip Clear 3M 220 1" x 60' RL
3M 610 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 1" x 60', Black D-9546 Non-Slip Black 3M 610 1" x 60' RL
3M 3103 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 1" x 60', Black D-9536 Non-Slip Black 3M 3103 1" x 60' RL
3M 903 Safety-Walk™ Tape,, D-9556 Non-Slip 3M 903 EA
3M 7635NA Safety-Walk™ Tape, 2" x 15', Black D-9553 Non-Slip Black 3M 7635NA 2" x 15' RL
3M 370 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 2" x 60', Gray D-9542 Non-Slip Gray 3M 370 2" x 60' RL
3M 220 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 2" x 60', Clear D-9533 Non-Slip Clear 3M 220 2" x 60' RL
3M 610 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 2" x 60 yds., Black D-9548 Non-Slip Black 3M 610 2" x 60 yds. RL
3M 510 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 2" x 60', Black D-9545 Non-Slip Black 3M 510 2" x 60' RL
3M 3103 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 2" x 60', Black D-9538 Non-Slip Black 3M 3103 2" x 60' RL
3M 710 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 4" x 30', Black D-9551 Non-Slip Black 3M 710 4" X 30' RL
3M 610 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 4" x 60 yds., Black D-9549 Non-Slip Black 3M 610 4" x 60 yds. RL
3M 3103 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 4" x 60', Black D-9539 Non-Slip Black 3M 3103 4" x 60' RL
3M 370 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 4" x 60', Gray D-9543 Non-Slip Gray 3M 370 4" x 60' RL
3M 7753 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 4" x 60', Clear D-9554 Non-Slip Clear 3M 7753 4" x 60' RL
3M 510 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 4" x 60', Black D-9547 Non-Slip Black 3M 510 4" x 60' RL
3M 710 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 6" x 30', Black D-9555 Non-Slip Black 3M 710 6" X 30' RL
3M 370 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 6" x 60', Gray D-9544 Non-Slip Gray 3M 370 6" x 60' RL
3M 3103 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 6" x 60', Black D-9541 Non-Slip Black 3M 3103 6" x 60' RL
3M 610 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 6" x 60 yds., Black D-9550 Non-Slip Black 3M 610 6" x 60 yds. RL
3M 610 Safety-Walk™ Tape, 12" x 60 yds., Black D-9552 Non-Slip Black 3M 610 12" x 60 yds. RL

Slips and falls are unfortunately common in workplaces and they’re one of the major causes of workplace injury. You do not want your staff, your customers, or guests that you have invited into your building slipping, tripping, or injuring themselves on your property. Non-slip tape is an excellent way to prevent such instances. This product is perfect for both low- and high-traffic areas.
Whether you’re using it on stairs, entrances, ladders, ramps, machinery, or in a wide variety of other applications, you can count on non-slip tape to keep your property safe.
Vinyl tape is also great for floor markings. It can draw attention to potentially dangerous areas and be used to direct traffic throughout a property, keeping people safe and orderly. A safe business is a productive business.

The Packaging Company has years of experience in helping businesses succeed by stocking the products that companies need. You can trust our durable and reliable products to get the job done. We want to work with your business as a trusted partner and help you succeed in any way we can.
Check out our selection of vinyl tape below and you’ll be sure to find the solution that is right for you. We aim to provide an extensive product line so that each of our customers can easily pick the option that works for them.

We know that you don’t want to spend a long time struggling to get the perfect product. At the Packaging Company, we want you to be able to quickly find what you need, place your order, and easily quickly receive your shipment. We also know that you don’t want to break your budget, so we always aim for reasonable prices. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us today via phone or email. We take customer service seriously and will be happy to help.