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Image SKU Type Style Model Unit of Measure Price Add to Cart
2" Hand Held Packing Tape Dispenser, Industrial Grade DB133 EA
Replacement Tape Cutting Blade for 3/8" Bag Taper C-8409 Parts Bag Taper Replacement Cutting Blades 3/8" EA
Heavy Duty Bag Taper With Trimmer, 3/8" Capacity C-8371 Desktop Bag Taper with Trimmer 3/8" EA
Replacement Bag Trimming Blades C-8410 Parts Bag Taper Replacement Trimming Blades 3/8" - 5/8" EA
3M 620 Anti-Static Tape Dispenser, 2" C-7612 Desktop Manual Anti-Static 3M 620 EA
3M ATG-700 Adhesive Transfer Tape Dispenser C-8022 Hand Adhesive Transfer 3M ATG-700 EA
3M Replacement Blade for C22 Dispenser C-8443 Parts Replacement Blade 3M C22 EA
3M C22 Heavy Duty Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser C-8447 Desktop Multi-Roll Manual 3M C22 EA
3M C23 3" Core Heavy Duty Table Top Dispenser C-8442 Desktop Office 3M C23 EA
3M C25 3" Core Industrial Table Top Dispenser C-8436 Desktop Office 3M C25 EA
Black 3M C38 1" Core Table Top Dispenser C-8396 Desktop Office 3M C38 EA
3M H180 Industrial Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser - 2" C-7467 Hand Industrial Pistol Grip - 2" 3M H180 EA
3M H183 Industrial Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser - 3" C-7466 Hand Industrial Pistol Grip - 3" 3M H183 EA
3M H190 Ergonomic Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser - 2" C-7459 Hand Ergonomic - 2" 3M H190 EA
3M H320 Economy Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser - 2" C-7458 Hand Economy - 2" 3M H320 EA
3M HB900 Tartan™ Table Top Dispenser C-8444 Desktop Office 3M HB900 EA
3M HB901 Strapping Tape Dispenser C-8140 Hand Strapping 3M HB901 EA
3M HB903 Tartan™ Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser - 2" C-7470 Hand Pistol Grip - 2" 3M HB903 EA
3M Replacement Blade For 3M M707 and 3M H12 Dispensers C-8148 Parts Replacement Blade 3M M707 and H12 EA
3M Replacement Blade For 3M M727 Scotch® Dispensers C-8437 Parts Replacement Blade 3M M727 Scotch® EA
3M Replacement Blade for M75 Dispenser C-8438 Parts Replacement Blade 3M M75 EA
3M M82 Definitive Length Tape Dispenser C-8422 Desktop Manual Definitive Length 3M M82 EA
3M M96 Definitive Length Tape Dispenser C-8446 Desktop Manual Definitive Length 3M M96 EA
3M P52W 3" Core Heavy Duty Table Top Dispenser C-8448 Desktop Office 3M P52W EA
3M Replacement Blade for P52W Dispenser C-8449 Parts Replacement Blade 3M P52W EA
3M P56W Multi-Roll Tape Dispenser C-8451 Desktop Multi-Roll Manual 3M P56W EA
3M ST181 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Carton Sealing Tape Dispenser - 2" C-7469 Parts Heavy Duty Pistol Grip - 2" 3M ST181 EA
Wide Neck Heavy Duty Bag Taper With Trimmer, 5/8" Capacity C-8370 Desktop Bag Taper with Trimmer 5/8" EA
Replacement Tape Cutting Blade for 5/8" Bag Taper C-8429 Parts Bag Taper Replacement Trimming Blades 5/8" EA
Pouch Tape Dispenser, 6" C-8433 Desktop Manual Pouch 6" Metal EA
Tape is important. It holds boxes together, it keeps products safe, and it helps with many different aspects of the shipping process. Because your shipping department likely uses tape over-and-over again throughout the day, it’s important that you have a good tape dispenser. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’re wasting time (and tape!) struggling to get the right amount of the right size onto your package. Don’t forget about tape dispenser blades as well! These wear down over time and they become less effective, slowing down your shipping process and wasting more materials. At the Packaging Company, we offer the shipping supplies that you need to keep your business running smoothly and to make sure your shipments arrive at their destination safely. You don’t want to risk having an important shipment arrive damaged, dented, or broken. Not only would this mean you’d have to ship out a second package (if replacing the contents is even possible), but you will also give off a negative impression of your business. Today’s business landscape is especially competitive, with people able to find competitors with just a few taps or clicks. If someone has a negative experience with your organization, this could jeopardize future business. Don’t let that happen. Use high-quality and affordable shipping supplies from the Packaging Company. A good-quality tape dispenser is a critical part of the shipping process. We stock several different variations, so no matter the type of tape you’re using or the particular application that you’re using it for, you’ll be able to find the right option. We even stock tape dispenser blades, so you can ensure that your products are always working properly. Trust the Packaging Company for all your shipping needs. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on our strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction.