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Tape makes the perfect pair for all boxes!

It is your tool for sealing, assembling and reinforcing a variety of items and materials. Different tapes for different jobs!
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When buying supplies for your packing efforts, it’s important to consider not only the boxes, but the packaging tape you’ll use to close them. There are tapes made for different applications and it pays to know what will and what won’t do the job for you.

Tape for Moving Versus Shipping

There’s a marked difference between the packing tape used to secure moving boxes and the tape needed for shipping goods to customers. When making a choice, remember that tape that’s fine for moving across town is not as durable as tape used for shipping—it only has to keep the container together for a short time.

By contrast, you’ll want to use a heavy duty packaging tape for anything you send to your customers. The tape must be durable enough to withstand the rigors of shipping and arrive at its final destination with everything intact. The right kind of tape creates a strong seal that discourages anyone from tampering with it. While it will be more difficult to remove, that’s actually a plus—your customers will be pleased you ensured no one could get into their package and help themselves to what’s inside.

Brown or Clear?

Brown packaging tape is ideal for many applications, as it has the reinforced strength needed to hold up during rougher transit. Along with brown tape, consider keeping some clear tape on hand. It works for standard applications and packaging, and provides many of the same advantages. You’ll also have two different looks for your packaging style, if you desire.

So what are your paper packaging tape needs? Even if you think your shipping needs are a little outside the box, rest assured that The Packaging Company has the packaging tape solution that’ll work for you.