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Bubble wrap packaging has been around for a while now. And though we all know what it’s used for, not everyone understands just how unique a packaging material it can be. Coming in handy in a number of ways, bubble wrap packing material is more versatile than you might expect.

Moving House and Home

Investing in a small bubble wrap roll (or two!) is a great way to protect fragile items when you’re moving. Whether it’s to the other side of town or across the country, wrapped items have the cushioning needed to minimize jostling and avoid damage. When you finally reach your destination, you won’t find any unpleasant surprises when you unpack those boxes and start putting your new home in order.

Shipping Keepsakes and Gifts

Are you sending something fragile as a gift? Maybe you’re passing on a family treasure to a loved one who lives far away? Bubble wrap rolls come in all sizes, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your needs. That wrapped treasure will travel to its destination safe and sound in its shipping box, crate or other container. And when you receive that long-distance phone call, it’ll be to thank you for the wonderful gift—instead of telling you that it showed up in broken pieces.

Business Applications

Business owners know the value of investing in wholesale bubble wrap rolls of all sizes. This way they can cushion small components and products, as well as use large rolls of bubble wrap to protect bigger items from damage during shipping. Making sure items are delivered intact keeps customers happy and increases the odds of repeat orders.

When it comes to small or large bubble wrap rolls, quality definitely counts. Never settle for less than the best—and when it comes to The Packaging Company, you won’t have to.