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Easy-Fold Mailers, Jumbo, Kraft, 30 x 30" D-2420 30 x 30" EA
Easy-Fold Mailers, Jumbo, Kraft, 36 x 30" D-2426 36 x 30" EA
Easy-Fold Mailers, Jumbo, Kraft, 40 x 30" D-2428 40 x 30" EA

You’ve probably heard this before, but not every shipment needs a box. E-commerce businesses are shipping out more products than ever, in sizes and shapes that don’t necessarily need to travel in a corrugated cube. That’s why shipping mailers have become an online store’s go-to shipping container. They’re perfect for small and flat items, helping to reduce delivery costs in these days of dimensional weight shipping charges. And they’re often so bright and eye-catching that they delight customers the instant they lay eyes on them. Lightweight, protective and high-quality, these guys are going to be a fantastic addition to your business and its packaging strategy.
So, what are you shipping? The more protection your product needs, the more you’ll want to use padded mailers for your shipments. Bubble mailers have an inner lining of bubble cushion that provides solid, lightweight protection to most any standard product you’re shipping. If you’re looking to maintain privacy, shielding products from prying eyes and sticky fingers, consider poly-style for your shipments. They’re made from strong polyethylene plastic that’s tear, tamper and water-resistant. And if you want to catch every eye that you can, try out the glamour style. Made of aluminized polyester laminate foil, their bright and shiny colors will stop everyone in their tracks.
But you’re not done with mailers yet, either. Corrugated options like literature, easy-fold and indestructo are fantastic for bulky or valuable products. They’re also a great part of helping create a really good-looking unboxing experience (don’t forget about tissue paper, labels and thank you cards!). Padded mailers have enough cushioning for handmade or interesting pieces like sweaters and knick-knacks. And the eco-friendly style has shipping strength, materials from sustainable resources, and custom printing options. You’re going to find all the shipping mailers your business and its projects will need right here at The Packaging Company.