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Kraft Crinkle

Custom packaging isn’t the only way to make an impact. If your business needs a unique protective packaging solution for its products that catches your client's eye, you can get it with kraft crinkle paper. It is an easy, money-saving option that adds style, protection, and an earthy feel to your customer orders. Its unique zigzag design adds an interesting look and texture to your packaging.

Kraft crinkle paper nestles your products in place, keeping them separated and cushioned once packed. It’s ideal for using in baskets, gift boxes, and enhancing unboxing experiences. We offer a vast selection of this cost-effective paper void fill to fill the empty spaces in shipping boxes. Browse our kraft crinkle paper to elevate and protect your packaging.

Made from 100% recycled paper, kraft crinkle cut paper is 100% curbside recyclable.

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High-Quality Kraft Paper Shred

Multiple types of void fill are available, such as tissue paper, but you might be searching for a packaging option that attracts your customer's attention. That's where high-quality kraft paper shred solutions are different. Layers and layers of this intriguing packaging show that attention to detail went into your packaging process. It is easy to use and helps heighten your customer's anticipation when they receive their package.

With no need for fluffing or manipulating, high-quality kraft paper shred makes packing shipments and creating attractive unboxing experiences that much easier and faster. It also creates little to no dust, helping you keep your workplace cleaner and more organized.

Our kraft paper shred offers superior quality product protection. With shipping comes package and product movement. Without the right cushioning, products can move around, from side to side, in shipping boxes, even clash against each other and sustain damage. Yet kraft crinkle paper from The Packaging Company will absorb external impacts, support fragile items, and ensure your products do not collide. It's the perfect answer for delivering orders in mint condition.

Eco-Friendly Void Fill Alternative

Made from 100% recycled paper, kraft crinkle cut paper is an eco-friendly void fill alternative that is 100% curbside recyclable. This sustainable void fill option can replace bubble wrap rolls and is the high-grade alternative to plastic you can easily incorporate into your shipping process.

Our eco-friendly alternative option is more than a packaging solution. Since it protects fragile products and the environment, it can help show your customers that you are an eco-conscious company. Using kraft paper shred instead of wrapping individual products in plastic packaging sends the message that you put careful thought into your packaging process.

Order High-Grade Kraft Crinkle Paper from The Packaging Company

Our priority at The Packaging Company is to offer the industry's best packaging solutions. We understand that when your customers are satisfied with the experience of receiving a well-protected, carefully packaged product, they will turn to your company again and again.

Order high-grade kraft crinkle paper from The Packaging Company. Use our products to achieve packaging excellence, and contact us for information on order sizes, quotes, or related packaging products.