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Discover Curby Mailers at The Packaging Company. These versatile and eco-friendly mailers provide secure and stylish packaging for your business needs. They’re perfect for shipping smaller items like books, games, certificates, and jewelry, our self-sealing mailers offer low-maintenance packaging and are available in multiple sizes.

Curby Mailers are designed to be entirely curbside recyclable paper mailers. Your customers simply toss these eco-friendly mailer bags into the recycling bin once they’re done with them. Lined inside with an innovative honeycomb paper structure that offers better protection than traditional poly or kraft mailers, Curby Mailer™ paper padded mailing bags are ideal for eco-conscious and ecommerce-focused brands.

Made from recycled materials and being 100% recyclable, Curby Mailers are one of the most interesting and sustainable mailers available today.

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Why Choose Curbside Mailers?

Curby Mailers are an eco-friendly curbside recyclable mailer lined with innovative honeycomb paper that protects your product. They’re available in multiple sizes.

Here’s just a few benefits of using self-sealing curbside mailers over traditional wrapping materials or padded mailers:

● Curbside recyclable—simply toss in the recycling bin when done!

● Lined inside with innovative honeycomb paper structure, a material that offers substantial padding and protection.

● Side loading design makes packing easier

● Features self-seal strip for easy closure

● Made from recycled and recyclable paper

● Available in multiple sizes

Our mailers protect your products and ensure they arrive in top-notch condition - helping you avoid ranting reviews. At The Packaging Company, we want our customers to receive raving reviews for their e-commerce businesses, so we provide high-quality protection at competitive prices. Contact our team today to enquire about custom mailer options and to receive advice on the best packaging solutions for your e-commerce strategy.