There’s certainly plenty to learn when it comes to the wide world of packaging. So much so, in fact, that it can be tough to decide exactly where to start educating yourself. That’s why we created Words Worth Knowing, a series of blogs that gives you a quick rundown on the most commonly-used terms and supplies in the packaging industry. It’s our intent to help guide to you quicker, more informed decisions when you start buying packaging supplies for your business.

We’ve gathered together 4 WWK blogs that’ll start you down the road to choosing the right shipping container for your products. While corrugated boxes and mailer envelopes are both solid choices, they each have options and styles that may be useful for your needs.

5 Words Worth Knowing for Buying Corrugated Boxes

Buying Packaging Supplies: Corrugated Boxes

They’re the staple of the industry for good reason. Spacious, strong and widely-used, corrugated boxes are the go-to these days for safe, protective shipping containers. But acronyms like RSC, FLM and COW might leave you scratching your head, so this words worth knowing blog covers the basics of buying corrugated boxes.

5 More Words Worth Knowing for Buying Corrugated Boxes

Buying Packaging Supplies: More Corrugated Boxes

Once you know the basics, it’s time to do a deeper dive. Regular slotted cartons may be the most common of all corrugated boxes, but it also happens to be one of the most versatile and varied in its construction. And while most RSCs are chosen to accommodate an object’s size, choosing a box to best accommodate its shape is often the better option. This words worth knowing blog covers 5 more options when it comes to buying corrugated boxes.

5 Words Worth Knowing for Buying Mailers

Buying Packaging Supplies: Mailer Envelopes

The world of e-commerce shopping has changed what gets shipped through our postal system these days. Books, jewelry, clothing and digital media are just a few of the items we receive by mail, and while they’re usually not large enough to fill a corrugated box, they still require protection for their travels. That’s why mailer envelopes have become such a popular choice. This words worth knowing blog covers the basics of buying mailers.

5 Words Worth Knowing for Buying Bubble Mailers

Buying Packaging Supplies: Bubble Mailers

Just like with corrugated boxes, mailer envelopes are quite varied in their construction and uses. The addition of a bubble cushion liner turns mailers into robust bubble mailers, making them the favourite shipping container of many online stores. This words worth knowing blog covers the options you’ll want to explore for buying bubble mailers.

We think these WWK tips for buying packaging supplies are just what you need to build out or shore up your packaging strategy. If you’re curious about learning even more, you’ll find other WWK blogs on packing tape, shipping foam and bubble cushion. Are there any topics you’d like us here at The Packaging Company to cover? Drop us a line!