When you’re showing off mouth-watering cuts of meat, there’s no better choice than steak paper. Specially made to resist moisture and prevent meat from oxidizing, it’s quite durable and provides ample protection for the trip from store to home. And despite its name, steak paper isn’t just for steaks—it’s perfect for all types of meat and fish (and even cheese). Available in plenty of paper colours, sizes and styles, let’s look at why it might be right for your needs—and where to buy steak paper in our food packaging category.

What Makes Steak Paper Exceptional?

Its main use is to showcase display meats in butchers and delis (providing the ideal light is up to you). And, once a customer has purchased from you, it acts as primary packaging and protection. Using densely-constructed, wet-strength paper, steak paper keeps meats dry and protected from oxidation, both of which are essential for keeping them in prime condition.

If a meat oxidizes, the rotting process accelerates and it starts to brown. And while meats are naturally moist, leaking juices during the ride home can soil a customer’s clothing and upholstery.

Who Needs Steak Paper?

Anyone who works with fresh meat will benefit from using steak papers. They’re most often seen in grocery stores, delis, butchers and fish markets, where enticing customers is essential to maximizing sales. Steak papers make meat (and sandwiches) look mouthwatering, delicious and totally irresistible.

And while steak papers are mostly used in the grocery industry, plenty of other food-related businesses can benefit from them as well. Fast-food restaurants often claim they use fresh, unfrozen meat in their burgers—much to the skepticism of potential customers. Steak papers are a perfect way for them to show off the actual meat that’s being cooked, and provide truth to their claims.

High-class restaurants, who are all about presentation, love the esthetic appeal and moisture-wicking abilities of steak paper. Some sushi joints, who focus on quality seafood and impeccable plating, use steak papers to show off their sashimi options.

What are Steak Paper Sheets?

They’re the king of convenience and great for businesses needing to serve customers fast. As they’re pre-measured and pre-cut, they significantly reduce set up and plating times. Steak paper sheets help employees manage their time better and serve customers more efficiently.

The smallest sheet sizes are ideal for sliced meats and smaller cuts, while larger sheets are ideal for protecting full chops. The sheet should be big enough to wrap around the meat, but not so big that there’s excess paper during folding.

Secure the folded paper sheet by using a good piece of tape. If you’re looking to add to the customer experience, use custom labels to hold everything together. They’re great for branding and communicating information like cooking instructions and expiration dates.

What are Steak Paper Rolls?

They’re great for businesses that sell different sized cuts of meat. Ordering multiple papers can be a time-consuming task, and keeping track of which sheet is for what meat can become a pain.  

Steak paper rolls let you cut the perfect amount of paper. You’ll avoid the waste of using larger sheets for smaller products, or having to use several sheets for one order. They’re a cost-effective packaging solution, even when factoring in the addition of a paper cutter.

And when it comes to cutters, finding the the right one is very important. For businesses using multiple sizes (or colours) of paper, a double roll cutter works best. They conserve workspace and speed up the dispensing of steak paper rolls.

Single roll cutters are ideal for businesses with multiple packing areas. They’re a bit more cost-effective than double roll cutters, and can take advantage of limited workspace thanks to their horizontal and vertical options.

Paper cutters are also ideal for upping your presentation skills. Cutting a fresh sheet in front of a customer is a simple action that adds a lot of prestige to their shopping experience.

TPC Tip: Cutters (and especially their blades) need to be sanitized regularly. Though they may not be in direct contact with raw meat, their proximity increases the risks of contamination.

What are Coloured Steak Paper Sheets?

They’re simply colourful sheets and rolls of steak paper, and each one is ideal for different uses.

  • Peach paper highlights the pinkness (and freshness) of fish and other seafood. For sushi restaurants, this paper showcases their seafood (and craftsmanship) like no other.
  • Black is striking and bold, best used when your meat is making a statement. High-quality cuts of meat—like porterhouse steaks—make a big impact while sitting on a black background.
  • Pink complements meat that’s lighter in colour. However, if used in high volumes, it can have a camouflaging effect and cause customers to overlook the delicious morsel sitting upon it.
  • Green is always a great choice for beef and pork. Its grassy colour offers a nice contrast to the deep reds, whites and pinks found in those hearty meats.  
  • White may seem generic, but it’s neutral and clean, and is well suited for showing off almost any type of meat. Whitefish and chicken might blend in, so go with pink or peach paper.

Steak paper rolls and sheets are not only functional food packaging—their colours and clean appearance make them seriously appealing, too. Whether you’re a butcher, fishmonger, sushi joint or delicatessen, when you’re ready to buy steak paper you’ll want to check out our food packaging section.