When choosing your packaging products, you need assurance that the packaging is high quality. Quality packaging will prevent your products from becoming damaged during transport and stay in good condition until they reach your customer.

Prioritizing quality is the best way to enhance customer service and receive positive reviews. Keep reading to learn about fluting for corrugated boxes and how it can improve the quality of your packaging.

How Fluting Works

When choosing any cardboard packaging, you should look for fluted or corrugated material. Corrugated cardboard is a material that involves two thin boards supported by an internal infrastructure.

The idea is taken from classical architecture. In classical architecture, tiny grooves and patterns were carved into stone pillars for decorative purposes to make the pillar appear more round.

The internal infrastructure is made from bent paper in corrugated cardboard, glued between the two boards in a zig-zag pattern. The bent paper resembles fluting in classical architectural designs. This fluting support creates a protective packaging solution, making your products less vulnerable.

Benefits Of Corrugated Boxes

Let’s discuss some of the main advantages you’ll gain by opting for corrugated boxes:

  • Recyclable – corrugated cardboard can be recycled, so it doesn’t become another piece on a landfill once it reaches your customer.
  • Less raw materials – fluting allows the manufacturer to use fewer materials to create a robust sheet, creating more sustainability.
  • No plastic – no plastic is required to make a corrugated box. Plastic is one of the most challenging materials to recycle.
  • Biodegradable – cardboard will naturally decompose, which means it won’t contribute to pollution.
  • Rigid – the grooves of the inner infrastructure make corrugated cardboard difficult to crush. Your products will stay safe when packed in corrugated boxes, and you will be less likely to receive a negative review.
  • Cost-effective – using strong cardboard for your products will be cheaper than using plastic or another alternative.
  • Customizable – you can design custom branding for your corrugated boxes and use packaging stickers to incorporate your logo design.

These advantages make fluted materials an excellent option for your packaging needs.

How Does Fluting Improve Sustainability?

When e-commerce businesses think about sustainable packaging, they don’t consider the raw materials. The greater amount of raw materials used to create the packaging, the less environmentally friendly the packaging will be.

Fluting allows manufacturers to use thinner cardboard pieces supported by fluted infrastructure. Using thin cardboard reduces waste without compromising the strength or quality of the product. Additionally, using cardboard over plastic ensures that the product will be recyclable, as plastic is one of the most challenging materials to recycle.

Even if corrugated cardboard is discarded, it is fully compostable. This means that it will deteriorate naturally, unlike plastic and other materials, which can sit in a landfill for hundreds of years.

Contact The Packaging Company For Corrugated And Fluted Packing Materials

Fluting is manufactured cardboard designed with an internal infrastructure for added support. This added support means that the manufacturer can use thinner materials for the finished product, reducing raw materials. Corrugated boxes could be the answer if you’re looking for sustainable packaging supplies. Check out the custom packaging options at The Packaging Company to access product protection tailored to your needs.