What Are The Best Packaging Materials For Bakery Products?

Bakery products are one of the most popular types of food products around the world. The majority of these products come in a very attractive-looking packaging which is why they attract people from all over to buy them.

However, you can’t deny that bakery product packaging must also be functional because your customers want to make sure that their newly bought bakery product remains fresh and intact until they reach their homes or wherever they will eat them.

What Material Should I Use For My Bakery Product Packaging?

The best material for bakery product packaging should be strong enough to protect its contents against possible contamination during transport and storage. At the same time, it should not hinder baking quality by trapping heat or moisture even after exposure to these elements for an extended period.

Brown paper:

Brown paper is one of the most inexpensive bakery product packaging materials that can be found. While it does not have any practical use after the product has been removed, it provides extra protection while the product is being transported and stored in the bakery’s premises.

Parchment Paper:

The best material for baking should also store well for an extended period because buyers frequently do not buy these products on impulse but always check whether they are needed before buying them. Parchment paper fulfills all these criteria mentioned above, so its use has become commonplace in bakeries nowadays.

Metallized Films:

The top material for bakery product packaging should be a metallic film because this type of material does a fantastic job trapping heat and moisture even after long periods. In addition to that, these films are easy to print on, which makes them perfect for bakery products.

Polypropylene Films:

In the case of bakery goods that need an oxygen barrier, polypropylene films should be used. Polypropylene is also great for providing structural stability to the package used to keep its contents immaculate until they reach their desired destination. It can also work as a moisture barrier when packaged with other materials.

Plastic Sheeting:

A clear plastic sheeting is also ideal for bakery product packaging because it provides a clear view of the contents inside. Therefore, customers can see exactly what they are buying, which means less time will be spent opening the plastic to look at them before making a purchase decision.

Metalized Mylar Bags:

Another material suitable for bakery product packaging is metalized mylar bags because these sheets are moisture-resistant and do an excellent job trapping heat even after extended periods.

Custom Food Paper:

There are many benefits to using custom food paper for your bakery products. Custom food paper is affordable, compostable and it boosts brand recognition and awareness. Ordering custom food paper from The Packaging Company is the perfect way to set yourself apart from your competition and present your bakery products in a memorable way!

Transport and Storage

Bakery products and supplies have specific requirements during transport and storage. Hence, you need to choose your packaging materials carefully if you want them to remain fresh until they reach their destination. A good rule of thumb when choosing your packaging materials is to pick a material that will have an insulating effect to keep the contents fresh.

Looking For Packaging Materials For Your Bakery Products?

If you’re looking for packaging material to store your bakery products and ensure it stays intact and fresh for your customers look no further. At The Packaging Company, we’re committed to quality affordable packaging solutions, so be sure to check our Knowledge Center for more packaging tips.