What Are the Benefits of Custom Food Wrapping Paper?

Food wrapping paper is a sturdy form of paper that retains your food safely so that the food can be transported, last longer and stay protected against potential contamination. You can typically purchase food wrapping paper in rolls or in pre-cut sections that are perfectly sized for your needs. Pre-cut wrapping paper allows for speedier service to be conducted.

Custom food wrapping paper is simply food wrapping paper but with more bonuses. With customization, food wrapping paper can market your brand, increase your customer impressions, impress social media ‘foodies’ and protect your food all at the same time.

As well, if you purchase your customized food wrapping paper with The Packaging Company, you get the added benefits of our high-quality food paper. We sell food wrapping paper that is greaseproof and eco-friendly so your business can both look good and feel good.

Brand Awareness

Customization is a key way to individualize your company from others and create a strong brand identity. By customizing your food wrapping paper, you can simultaneously protect your food and represent your brand with pride.

It is an easy form of direct marketing that doesn’t enhance your costs like many other marketing techniques. It adapts a packaging necessity to include a cost-effective marketing bonus. Customers will begin to associate your brand with your packaging and view the company as high quality all around.

Customer Impressions

Customers may order from your company for the quality food but they will continue to come back for the customer satisfaction and the overall good impression that you leave. With customized food wrapping paper, your customers directly associate your food with your brand. They are inexplicably linked and so positive impressions of your food mean a positive impression of your brand.

Since the food wrapping paper is of high quality, it will protect your food better and allow it to last longer during deliveries, which are becoming an increasingly popular method of ordering food. This heightens the impression that your food will leave and simultaneously, it improves the impression of your company overall.

Social Media Influence

In the modern era, food is more than just a vital way to stay alive. It is a complete experience, from the presentation to the restaurant. With the revolution of social media, ‘foodies’ are documenting their experiences on social platforms. This is helping to cause a boom in the food industry and attract more business without additional cost.

With customized food wrapping paper, you can utilize this free marketing to your advantage. Social media users will associate high-quality, picture-worthy food with your brand. From there, they will seek it out for themselves and the cycle of food documentation will continue.


Good quality food is bound to have a small amount of grease. However, leaking grease is an easy way to turn a satisfied customer into a dissatisfied one. With The Packaging Company, our wrapping paper is greaseproof and protective which will save all your customer’s clothes from potential leakage and stains that could ruin their experience.

Greaseproof paper is also good because it can protect both hot and cold foods. This makes our customized food wrapping paper useful for every type of food and ultimately reduces the need to purchase multiple types of wrapping paper. Not only does that save space in your inventory but it also makes it more cost-effective for your business.


By customizing your food wrapping paper with The Packaging Company, you ensure that your paper is not only high quality but also incredibly eco-friendly. Our paper is fully compostable and recyclable which means it has a minimal impact upon the environment.

As well, we are proud to sell FSC-certified paper that’s sourced from sustainable sources. This demonstrates that our paper is made responsibly and safely. However, the paper remains top quality at protecting your food. It is FDA-approved for use with food products as well as greaseproof which ensures you a positive and sustainable experience.

Get Custom Food Wrapping Paper For Your Business

With The Packaging Company, it has never been easier to purchase high-quality, low-cost customized food wrapping paper. Saving costs across multiple areas, the customization of your food paper is an obvious choice and we can help you achieve it! To find out more, have a look on our website and start designing your custom food wrapping paper today.