When it comes to the success of your e-commerce store, packaging materials are more important than you would think.

From ensuring that your product arrives safely to filling up empty spaces to elevate the opening experience, choosing the right protective packaging can be a key component in building positive customer relationships that build customer loyalty.

However, we sometimes only think of bubble wrap and packing paper when we think of protective packaging. In reality, so many kinds of protective packaging protect your items while having other important qualities like being environmentally friendly.

This article explains why you should be ensuring that your products are wrapped in protective packaging every time you ship an item. This article is also an in-depth guide to the uses of certain kinds of packaging materials that you need to use to keep your products safe.

What Are Protective Packaging Supplies?

Before we explain what packaging supplies are the best for protecting fragile items, let’s discuss what we mean by protective packaging supplies. Protective packaging refers to materials inside a box that fills space and stops your items from breaking in transit.

There are different kinds of packaging supplies depending on your unique requirements and methods of transportation. For example, if you choose to use cardboard boxes as part of your product’s packaging, you’ll need to use a space-filler like bubble wrap, tissue paper, or kraft paper to protect fragile items.

Some packaging supplies will also have fixed protection that fulfills the same purpose. This can include mailers with in-built bubble wrap or cushioning to ensure customers receive their items in perfect condition. Protective packaging is vital during shipping, as road, air, and sea freight can inflict potential harm on your items.

Why Should You Use Protective Packaging?

Of course, the primary purpose of protective packaging, like PAPERbubble®, is to keep products safe from harm. However, protective packaging is important for many reasons besides ensuring that your products don’t arrive broken.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using protective packing supplies for your e-commerce store:

  • Makes a positive first impression: When products arrive with additional protection, customers see that you care about the quality of their opening experience. You demonstrate strong regard for customer experience, establishing a positive relationship from the start.
  • Branding opportunities: When you use protective materials in your package, you can include branded protective packaging to improve customer impressions. Utilizing custom products like bubble poly mailers or tissue paper is a great opportunity to elevate your customer’s opening experience, ensuring that your company colours stick in their minds.
  • Safety: Protective material is vital to keeping customers and warehousing staff safe if you’re shipping dangerous goods like chemicals or sharp objects. If glass or china objects smash in transit, protective material will stop customers or handlers from cutting themselves while carrying the package from point A to point B.

Different Types of Protective Packaging Materials

Here’s a guide to the different types of protective packaging along with their primary benefits:


Ideal for both void-fill and protection, PAPERbubble® is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap that keeps its form and provides cushioning for all your packages. PAPERbubble® provides a textured sheet of paper perforated to support your items.

We recommend using PAPERbubble® for small to medium-sized goods for all methods of transport. Lightweight and compostable, this is the perfect packing material to create a positive first impression with your customers.

Air Pillows

For optimal protection against impact damage, we recommend using protective solutions like air pillows. This protective option is made with rows of air-filled compartments, which are perfect for very fragile items that easily break during transportation.

One of the main benefits of this packaging option is that you can fully surround your item, meaning accidental drops or impact won’t harm your package contents. Similar to PAPERbubble®, our PaperWave eco-friendly packaging is compostable, recyclable, and perfect for any company looking to go green.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a common void filler that provides medium protection that stops items from loosely moving inside a package. This is also a valuable tool in concealing the contents of a package and adding texture to a standard cardboard box, making your customer’s opening experience more exciting. Crinkle Kraft paper interlocks, maintaining its structural integrity in transit.

Poly Bubble Mailer

A bubble mailer is the perfect protective packaging option if you’re looking to protect flat or small items like letters, certificates, games, or jewelry. This packaging option has fixed layers of poly-bubbles which protect against impact damage in transit.

One of the key benefits of a poly mailer is that they provide a decent level of protection while not being bulky, meaning you can keep your shipping costs low with this product.

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