All businesses need to find new ways to operate on a more eco-friendly basis to reduce their carbon footprint and move toward a more sustainable way of operating, but this can be tough.

The packaging supplies and shipping industry is typically riddled with single-use plastic, so it’s time for a change. Instead of opting for single-use, less versatile plastic mailers and protective inserts, businesses can now opt for eco-friendly packaging supplies that are good for the planet and your business. To find out why using eco-friendly packaging is advantageous for your business, keep reading.

They Give Your Company A Boost In Brand Image

One of the most beneficial reasons why businesses need to be doing more to adopt eco-friendly packaging supplies is because this has a significant impact on your brand’s image and reputation.

As more and more people find ways of living sustainably in their personal lives, they’ll be expecting big and small businesses to be doing their part. Using eco-friendly packaging that’s biodegradable or even compostable shows that you’re socially and environmentally aware, improving your brand image and potentially having a positive impact on your sales.

They Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint tends to get thrown around without much explanation, but the smallest things have an impact on our carbon footprint, such as packaging supplies. The carbon footprint refers to our individual contribution to the amount of carbon dioxide and methane released into the atmosphere as a direct result of our daily activities.

By using eco-friendly packaging that typically costs less and is made from sustainable materials that don’t release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere as they break down, you’ll be dramatically decreasing your carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on single-use plastic.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Material Is Typically Kinder To the Skin, and the Environment

We don’t tend to think about allergens and toxins too much when we think about packaging supplies, but eco-friendly packaging tends to be much kinder to the skin. There are no harmful toxins involved in the creation of eco-friendly packaging, unlike plastic which uses crude oil, so you won’t have to worry about dangerous toxins from petrochemicals leaking out into the environment when you dispose of it.

The absence of any toxins naturally makes eco-friendly packaging kinder to the skin and free of allergens, so if that’s something your customers are likely to be concerned about, then you can reassure them with more sustainable packaging supplies.

Increases Your Customer Base

As customers become increasingly aware of plastic’s involvement in climate change, they may look for companies that align with their sustainable values, leaving those that choose to ship exclusively with single-use packaging supplies behind. Using sustainable packaging supply options ensures you remain at pace with your customers and potentially attract attention from particularly eco-conscious customers who only wish to buy from sustainable companies.

Easier For Customers To Dispose Of

Lastly, your customer’s experience after buying matters and can have a significant impact on whether they choose to return to your business for products. One way that you can increase customer retention is to use eco-friendly packaging that’s easy to recycle. Eco-friendly packaging disposal is as simple as tossing it in the recycling bin, whereas plastic alternatives take up vital space in household trash cans for landfill.

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