When it comes to any product, most consumers will absolutely judge a book by its cover. Attractive, branded packaging means greater success, as the advent of unboxing videos clearly shows. Recent research indicates that packaging truly can make or break a brand. If you want your product to be seen and enjoyed, allowing your company to grow and succeed, then ensuring your brand’s packaging appeals to consumers in a holistic way will have you on the ‘unboxing’ train in no time.

Unboxing Has Made Packaging More Important Than Ever

The excitement of great packaging has caused many consumers to create “unboxing experience” videos. These short, viral videos showcase the process of opening an e-commerce purchase. The number of YouTube videos containing “unboxing” in the headline has increased by 871% since 2010. Here are some more revealing statistics about unboxing and consumers today:

• 35% of online shoppers have watched a video of someone opening and unboxing a new product.
• 54% have used social media to view an unboxing picture or video.
• 40% of online shoppers say they are more likely to share a product image or video on social media if the packaging is branded.
• 60% of consumers are more likely to share a picture of a product on social media if it has a gift-like box rather than a traditional brown box.

Your Customers Will Rate You by Your Packaging

Packaging is crucial to increasing brand recognition and the desirability of your product offerings. In the Dotcom Distribution Study of 2015, 34% of people said the use of branded or gift-like packaging affects their perception of the brand or retailer that shipped the item. Out of these consumers:

• 61% said it makes the brand seem more premium
• 49% get more excited about receiving and opening the package
• 44% say it reinforces that the item was worth the cost
• 18% believe it reinforces that the brand is for people like them

The study also found that branded packaging makes 40% of online shoppers say they are more likely to recommend products to their friends.

If your current packaging strategy isn’t predicated on sending your products in a way that wows consumers, setting a meeting with your creative department just might have to jump to the top of the “To-Do” list. Branded, gift-like packaging has become an increasingly popular method for impressing customers and has brought unboxing to life as an activity for people worldwide.

After all, people usually watch these unboxing videos for specific reasons – whether it’s to learn more about a product or brand, or to see what a product will look like when it is delivered. According to the study, watching these videos leaves consumers feeling intrigued, excited, and impressed, all of which are positive impressions to leave with potential customers that your company may have not had contact with at the time of viewing. 61% of participants were convinced to purchase a product because they watched an unboxing video.

Packaging can have a huge impact on the way your target audience sees your brand. Learn more about perfecting your packaging strategy to increase sales, boost marketing, and enhance your image so you can leverage the latest craze of unboxing to increase your company’s profile and bottom line.