The Benefits Of A Label Dispenser

For a small business, the efficiency of your packaging will hugely impact your business. A lengthy packaging process will require longer delivery dates, create customer dissatisfaction, and impact your profits.

A label dispenser helps you improve and quicken your packaging process. These machines release labels, customized or not, at a quick speed to a continually high standard. Their uses are not limited to packaging and also include organization, advertising, and more. They save time, reduce labor and waste, and are simple to use.

Altogether, they save resources across the board which makes them a vital tool for any business. If you buy one with us, don’t forget to join our loyalty program to earn even more benefits from this great tool.

Faster Labelling

With a label dispenser, labels automatically emerge, ready for the operator to use. This enhances the efficiency of the labeling process as it saves the operator time and allows them to repeat the process much faster. As a result, they can label more parcels on average compared to before.

Label dispensers increase productivity and reduce labor costs, making them efficient and important tools in any instance.

Reduced Waste

Label dispensers are a fantastic way to incorporate sustainable packaging into your business. Due to their consistent label production and application, they reduce the number of wasted labels that come from labeling by hand.

Packaging is often not sustainable but through small changes, such as the purchase of a label dispenser, our waste decreases significantly and contributes to saving the environment. Our passion for sustainability is reflected in both our products and our green initiative as we try to reduce our waste and yours too.

Easy To Use

Not everyone in the world is technologically savvy but a label dispenser is one of the few truly easy-to-use devices. One of its great qualities is its time saving and this includes learning how to operate the machine.

Many label dispensers require no special operator training, including the ones that we sell, and so they don’t require a specific operator to use them. Therefore, they don’t consume extra time to train and further reduce labor costs.

Different Kinds Of Label Dispensers

Label dispensers are useful and efficient devices to increase productivity in businesses. However, they are not a one size fits all machine. Many types of label dispensers fit different needs.

Manual Label Dispensers

Manual label dispensers are aimed at small businesses that have significant labeling needs but not to the same extent as a manufacturing warehouse. They are handheld with automatic sensors that streamline the process significantly.

Semi-Automatic Label Dispensers

If you are looking for a label dispenser for most occasions, then you need a semi-automatic label dispenser. Ranging from multi-use to package-specific, semi-automatic label dispensers are a versatile tool for all businesses.

Automatic Label Dispensers

At The Packaging Company, we have a wide range of automatic label dispensers as they are a necessary addition to any manufacturing warehouse. Unlike other label dispensers, these are heavy-duty machines aimed at companies with vast labeling needs.

Looking For A High-Quality Label Dispenser For Your Business?

The Packaging Company prides itself on its knowledge in the packaging industry. We sell dozens of different products, crafted to streamline your shipping processes and enhance your productivity. We aim to improve your business with our simple tools. To become a more efficient business, have a look at our products and get in touch.