Speed Up Your Packaging With These Creative Gadgets

Online shopping has been on a steady rise for many years but recently the amount of e-commerce sales has seen record breaking growth due to the impact of COVID-19. With the increasing volume of orders, it is imperative that each step in your company’s operational throughput is at maximum efficiency.

One of the most important operational processes is packaging your products, it ensures that your product will arrive at its destination in excellent condition for the customers. It can also become a time-consuming process if packages are being packed, sealed, wrapped and labeled manually. The Packaging Company can help streamline your process resulting in faster packaging, we offer an assortment of high-quality packaging technology that will not only increase your efficiency but help reduce costs.

Label Dispensers

Labels are a critical component to all companies, with a wide range of purposes from your company’s logo to shipping information. It is important that these labels are affixed to your boxes securely. Labeling individual boxes can be a tedious task, but with the use of our packaging technology you can significantly reduce the time required for labelling. We offer over 30 different models that range from handheld dispensers to fully automatic applicators. These easy to use, reliable tools will help you achieve the perfect label with each application.

Tape Dispensers

Without packing technology like a tape dispenser, a simple task can turn into minutes of frustration. This is why tape dispensers are a simple but vital packaging tool that every business should have. At The Packaging Company we offer over 20 different models of tape dispensers to fit the needs of your business, big or small. Some models are even equipped with the ability to dispense tape at a predetermined length, this will help to regulate usage in turn reducing both waste and cost. Tape dispensers will provide your company with expedited packaging methods, no more searching for the end of the roll with this gadget.

Twist Tie Machine

Twist ties are a great way to bundle and temporarily seal products, but it is also a very time-consuming task that if done manually can create natural quality differences. In order to help your company create the perfect tie every time, we offer over 5 different models of twist tie and sealer machines that can help speed up the process and improve the quality of your seals. These machines are compatible with a range of different size ribbons and can increase your packaging speeds up to 50 cycles per minute. Having packaging technology like this will save your company time and product while creating a standard of quality in your seals.

Air Cushion Machines

Air cushion machines are a valuable addition to any company, it is a reliable and cost-efficient way to fill voids in the box keeping products safe and secure during the shipping process. The air pillow packaging is stored flat prior to use which minimizes the need for a large storage requirement in your facility. When the packaging is needed the air cushion machine precisely inflates the air pillows at a rate of up to 10m of film per minute. Air pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure safe shipping. This packing technology will help your company package products faster and reduce costs from damaged goods in transit.

Stretch Wrap Dispensers

Filling large orders can often require stretch wrapping the entire shipment of products which can be a frustrating job without the right tools. At The Packaging Company we have several tools that can be used to speed up your packaging times specifically while stretch wrapping. Our dispensers allow for consistent and controllable tension while wrapping to help you get the job done fast. This simple yet effective tool is a time-saving trouble free solution for your stretch wrapping needs.

Purchase Quality Packaging Technology from The Packaging Company to Speed Up Your Packaging

At The Packaging Company we pride ourselves in high quality products at great prices. We aim to streamline your packaging process with our constantly evolving packaging technology. Our product selection allows us to service the needs of all businesses large and small. If you are looking for ways to speed up your packaging process consider The Packaging Company, please browse our full selection of packaging gadgets here.