As we move into the first months of 2023, many of us might be wondering how we can revamp our branding to keep up with trends. However, keeping up with packaging trends isn’t just about keeping up with the hype, it’s more about appealing to what is making your customers tick.

This will create a lasting impression and make your brand far more memorable. Staying relevant keeps you at the forefront of consumers’ minds, so why not adopt some of the packaging trends we expect to boom in 2023?

To help you do this, we’ve created a complete guide to some of the trends we expect to take off in 2023. To find out what trends you should think about, keep reading.

Minimalist Packaging

2023 is full of surprises, and one of the things that we’re most surprised to see is the rise of minimalism.

Minimalism is so appealing to such a big market as some customers now look to their products to provide them with a calming aura, instead of a burst of colour.

Minimalism is an especially good tactic for those that sell products like skincare or food that prides itself on being raw and simple. If your business brands itself as being a simple and honest option, why not align your packaging to match this?

Using Gradients

Just because simplicity is in doesn’t mean you can’t use colours. In fact, colour gradients are a trendy way for you to incorporate a splash of colour while keeping your packaging relatively simple. You can blend your company colours into an interesting gradient on both the inside and outside of your packaging, creating a more dynamic look without overcrowding your packaging.

60s Swirls

In contrast to minimalism, we’ve also observed the recent rise in the 60s psychedelic patterns with bright pastels, rich oranges, and hot pinks. While this isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste in 2023 and might not go with your branding, using bright decor, especially inside packages, to contrast a plain exterior is a great way to spread some positivity and happiness with your packaging.

Your customers will automatically feel a little brighter when they open your packaging to see a welcoming splash of bright colours. Creating this positive association is a key part of fostering positive customer relationships.

Maximalism On The Inside

Speaking of all things bright, why not try contrasting simple outside packaging branding with just our logo or company name with an explosion of colour or graphics on the inside?

Not only will this take your packaging to a whole new level, but this will also transform your customer’s opening experience, blowing their mind with a bright and complex inside that will have them staring at your branding or company graphics for just a little longer.

You’ll leave them desperate to order from you again just to see what surprises are in their next package. Our custom boxes tool is the perfect way to incorporate maximalist style into the inside of your packaging.

Raw Materials And Earthy Textures

We all understand that taking care of the planet is essential, and as more companies make pledges to go carbon-neutral or adopt more eco-friendly packaging, why not turn this into an innovative way to revitalize your packaging?

Raw, earthy tones are in right now, so it’s the perfect time to use more eco-friendly packaging with neutral and brown tones. Not only will you be in keeping with the trends, but you’ll also be demonstrating to your customers that you’re ready to embrace the movement toward a greener way of living!

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