Small Batch Custom Shipping Products For Your Small Business

With your own unique packaging, you can stand out from the crowd and promote your business. Whether it is vibrantly coloured bespoke boxes that create a unique unpacking experience or custom branded tissue paper that showcases your product. Custom packaging and shipping options are virtually infinite when you shop with The Packaging Company.

Custom Branded Boxes

With bespoke boxes from TPC, you can provide your consumers with a memorable unboxing experience. Our boxes come in three different styles including regular slotted carton, front lock mailer and an easy fold mailer.

They are made of high-quality materials and may be personalized to your specifications using our free and simple online designer tools. All of our bespoke shipping boxes are proudly produced in North America. You can relax knowing that your personalized packaging boxes will travel properly and look fantastic.

Our personalized boxes can be customized to have your company’s branding and logo on them, or simply be coloured to match your company’s image. Our custom branded boxes are perfect for small businesses with a minimum order of just 60 boxes, and our custom colour boxes do not even have a minimum order!

Custom Branded Mailers

TPC’s customized mailers can wow your consumers while lowering your shipping expenses. Custom mailers are available in two styles including bubble poly mailers (for extra protection) and flat poly mailers. They are made of high-quality fabrics and can be personalized with images, text, colours and more, using our free and simple online designer tools. Create your own eye-catching custom branded mailers right now.

These custom branded mailers are a perfect packaging and shipping solution for small businesses with a low order minimum starting at just 50 mailers.

Custom Branded Tape

Our reinforced water-activated tape is comprised of exceptionally strong fiberglass yarn and high-quality white paper. When the adhesive is wet, it attaches the tape to any corrugated carton instantaneously, forming a strong and supportive seal that is also tamper-evident (you’ll know if someone tries to open it). It is an ideal choice for eco-conscious companies and enterprises due to its biodegradable and recyclable components.

Custom branded tape is a perfect way for small businesses to start customizing their orders and create brand awareness for their company. Our personalized tape is an affordable solution and orders are available starting with just one roll.

Custom Branded Tissue Paper

Inside your shipping box, you have an opportunity to make your consumers feel valued and appreciated by using creative and beautiful packaging alternatives. Custom branded tissue paper is a great way to build brand awareness and recognition for your business. You can easily design and customize these sheets of tissue paper with your brand logo, a stylish pattern or even just custom colours!

Our personalized tissue paper is available in two different sizes and are super affordable for small businesses with a low order minimum starting at just 250 sheets.

Custom Branded Labels

Custom branded labels are a great low-cost and effective way to easily brand items and advertise your company. Make your own labels for food containers, presentation folders, paper shopping bags, drinking glasses, and other items.

The Packaging Company has a wide selection of custom label options including circle, oval, square and rectangle. Our labels can come either clear or fully coloured and are also available in a variety of pre-selected sizes.

Custom labels are a perfect start to customization and brand awareness for small businesses. Additionally, it is an effective and affordable method of advertising, with low order minimum starting at just 50 labels.

Custom Branded Stickers

Custom branded stickers are quick and effective method for promoting your business. In addition to placing them on orders, boxes, and other items, stickers also work great as giveaways, gifts and packaging inserts. You can choose from a variety of pre-selected sizes and shapes and easily design them with our easy to use design system.

For small businesses, personalized stickers can be a cost-effective and simple solution to build brand awareness and recognition. At The Packaging Company we have a low order minimum that starts at just 50 stickers.

Custom Branded Food Paper

Personalized food papers are a great way to spruce up your dishes and food items. You can easily design your own papers with a unique logo, design, pattern or colour that suits your brand and cuisine. The Packaging Company offers seven different sizes of greaseproof and compostable printed food paper.

Custom branded food paper is a great way to increase brand recognition and get your customers speaking about your business. This simple method of advertising is cost-effective for small businesses, with low order minimum starting at just 250 sheets.

Custom Branded Coffee Sleeves

If you own a store or restaurant that serves hot beverages, take advantage of your customers safety needs by advertising your brand through custom coffee sleeves. Cup sleeves are arguably mandatory, so you might as well use them to your benefit.

The Packaging Company offers custom coffee sleeves in two different sizes including 8 oz. and 12-24 oz., both options are available in both kraft brown and white colour.

Custom branded coffee sleeves are a great way to build brand awareness through required materials. They are also a cost-effective advertising solution for small businesses with low order minimum starting at just one case (1800 sleeves).

Custom Branded Coasters

No matter what kind of business you own, there are benefits to be had from custom branded coasters. Custom coasters can either be used directly at your establishment, provided as promotional materials at events, or given away to customers as gifts.

The Packaging Company offers custom coasters that are easy to personalize and design with your company logo, branded image or stylish pattern.

Personalized drink coasters make for a great advertisement and promotional tool for small businesses with low order minimum starting at just 100 coasters.

Custom Printed Face Masks

With The Packaging Company’s online face mask creation tool, you can create full-colour bespoke customized face masks. These single-ply or double-ply face coverings are made of silk spandex polyester and provide a wonderful canvas for brand logos, images, writing and company colours.

Our custom branded face masks are a great way to advertise your business and keep your employees and customers safe during uncertain times. These cost-effective face masks are perfect for small businesses with low order minimums starting at just 50 masks.

Custom Social Distancing Floor Decal

The Packaging Company takes safety seriously, which is why we offer businesses the options to design and purchase custom social distancing floor decals for their business. You can choose from our collection of free stock artwork or upload you own company’s logo, message and colours to your decal.

Keep your employees and customers safe with custom social distancing floor decals. These decals are cost-effective, with a low order minimum starting at just three decals.

Get High-Quality Customized Packaging & Shipping Materials

If you want your small business to stand out from the crowd and wow your customers, consider upgrading to custom branded packaging and shipping materials today. Not only will it improve your customers unboxing experience, but it will help build brand awareness and recognition for your company.

The Packaging Company is a leading provider of customized packaging and shipping solutions for both Canada and the United States. Shop our online custom packaging shop today to get started!