From the day we launched The Packaging Company, its been our belief that high-quality custom packaging should be available to every business, especially yours, no matter its size. Even if you’re just starting out and don’t have the packaging budget, storage space or market share of the big boys, that shouldn’t stop you from putting your best packaging foot forward.

That belief became a goal and that goal turned into the Custom Shop. It’s full of great custom packaging options like water-activated packing tape, poly mailers, rolled labels (with 6 shape options!) and tissue paper. And, it’s why we offer the online design tools you need to create colourful, eye-catching custom packaging without the need for expensive design programs. Did we mention those tools are free?

Because each online custom packaging designer tool on our site is free for you to use. Try them out!

Lately, we’ve been busy putting the final touches on something we think you’re going to love. Just like everything in our Custom Shop, it’s all about giving you access to high quality custom packaging without the need for huge order requirements (or those expensive design programs we mentioned—seriously guys, those prices!). We’re thrilled that we finally get to share it with you.

Introducing our newest addition to the Custom Shop: custom branded boxes from The Packaging Company.

With just a few clicks of your mouse (and that easy-to-use online packaging designer we’ve been talking about), you’ll create brilliant, beautiful and branded unboxing experiences that your customers will never forget. You get to choose your box style, size and board materials. And you get to design both the inside and outside of your boxes.

Joining our lineup of other custom packaging options, custom branded boxes caps off everything you need to create a complete packaging strategy—one that’ll impress your customers and make your competition envious. And it lets us truly fulfill something we’ve been pursuing for a while now: custom packaging for all!

(Oh man, that would look good on a banner, right?)

Be sure to check out our Newswire press release for a little more info. Then get started on your own unboxing experience with the custom branded boxes designer you’ll find in our custom shop. We can’t wait to see what kind of custom boxes you create.

Jump over to our Custom Shop and design your own custom boxes now.