It seems like no matter how well you organize or prepare, the holiday rush always feels like complete chaos. And while chaos can be good (and even a little fun), there are certain things that shouldn’t be left to chance. That includes your packaging choices, like those custom printed mailers you’ve been thinking about for a while.

If you put in the work now, you’ll save yourself some holiday stress later. Here’s how to design your Christmas poly mailers quickly and easily online.

Start planning your packaging early

You know what they say about failing to plan, so let’s not do that!

Choose the date you want to start shipping customer orders in Christmas poly mailers and work back from there. You’ll need to place an order with your favourite packaging company and depending on your chosen quantity, it can take a while to complete your printing run. And before that, you’ll need some time to pull together your design ideas and your graphics.

This’ll likely put you in a good place, at least a month or two out from your chosen date. Be prepared to adjust your timeline or packaging choices, if need be.

Find the right place to order Christmas poly mailers

You’ll want a packaging company that covers all the right angles like customer service, powerful design choices and a great final product. We happen to know a place like that.

With our free and easy-to-use online packaging design tools, you can create your own colourful and impactful custom poly mailers. They’re going to look so good!

Visit the Custom Shop when you’re ready to create your Christmas poly mailers.

Choose the right poly mailers size

Here’s one of your most important choices. Just how big do your poly mailers need to be?

If you’re shipping items like boxed jewelry or a pair of custom socks, you’re likely good with smaller sizes. But if you’re sending out bigger orders, like piles of t-shirts or big chunky sweaters, you’ll want to look at using the bigger sizes.

Measure your products and choose the size that works best. And don’t be afraid to add multiple sizes to your packaging tactics. Protecting your products and making your customers both happy and impressed with your packaging will always be worth the investment.

Add your holiday graphics and artwork

This is the fun part. Open our custom mailers designer and use every tool at your disposal.

Add a bright, festive background colour if you’re looking to make a splash. Add your own logos and graphics, or use the Christmas imagery waiting for you in the stock artwork library. Type up a warm, holiday-themed headline too, while you’re at it.

Once you’re happy with your design, be sure to name and save it for later.

Place your custom poly mailers order

You’re almost done. Just a few more clicks and your Christmas poly mailers are complete.

Choose the quantity you want for your mailers. You know better than anyone else what your holiday shopping season is going to look like, so you’re the best judge of order numbers. You’ll want to choose an amount that gets you through the holiday season but doesn’t overwhelm your storage shelves.

Now click add to cart and complete the checkout process. Your artwork will be checked to make sure it’s as perfect as possible and then printing will begin. Sweet!

Start shipping your new Christmas poly mailers

Okay, this is it. This is the moment you’ve been working so hard for!

Your printed poly mailers have finally arrived and are ready to go. If your plans were right, you’ve got enough time to stock your packing stations and prep your holiday shipping strategy. Now, as soon as those orders start pouring in you can start shipping them out in gorgeous custom packaging. We must admit, we’re pretty excited for you.

Those Christmas poly mailers of yours look good.

And that’s all thanks to you. You worked the problem, you made decisions, and you created custom packaging that’ll protect your products and make your brand shine. Word is your competition is (festively) green with envy at the sight of your Christmas poly mailers. Nice.

Visit the Custom Shop to start designing poly mailers and other custom packaging today.