Moving is an exciting time in your life. It’s a time for a fresh start and a chance to redecorate, but it can also be stressful. One of the easiest ways to make moving less stressful is good organization, especially when it comes to packing.

Packing up your home takes a lot of work, and you will need moving supplies like boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. You’re also going to have to make sure you have enough of all of these supplies for the items in your home. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to predict what you will need.

Since you’re likely going to need many more boxes than you initially planned, we’ve created a list of our recommendations for the number of moving boxes you’ll need to pack up your belongings.

How Many Rooms Do You Need To Pack?

Each of the rooms in your house will require a different number of boxes in various sizes. Below are our recommendations for each room.

Remember that every home is different; these are purely suggestions and not the definite amount of moving boxes you’ll need. However, they are a good starting point.


Your kitchen has various things to pack, including small objects like cutlery and more oversized items like your blender and kettle. This means you’ll need several different-sized moving boxes.

We recommend four small boxes, four large boxes, and six medium-sized boxes for your kitchen.

Living Room

Your living room is versatile. It may double as a study or home office, meaning it will have lots of items to pack up.

For starters, for your television and items like it, we recommend either finding the box it came in or investing in specifically made boxes to protect them. You’ll then need four small boxes, four medium boxes, four large boxes, and two extra-large moving boxes to cover everything in your living room.

Dining Room

Dining rooms tend to have some form of display cabinet, and so, for your china cupboard, we recommend allocating at least two moving boxes for these items. You’ll also need two small boxes and two medium-sized boxes for the other items found in your dining room.

Master Bedroom

The main bedroom is likely to have the most items, which means you’ll need a lot of moving supplies to pack it up. We recommend at least six wardrobe boxes, three small moving boxes, six medium-sized boxes and eight large boxes.

Other Bedrooms

The other bedrooms in your home will vary depending on who occupies them. Your teenage son is likely to have more possessions than your newborn daughter, and a guest bedroom could double as a storage room or be relatively empty.

Use our recommendations for the main bedroom and size up or down where needed.


The bathroom is likely to have the least amount of items, so you’re only going to need a few boxes. You’ll probably get away with three small boxes and one medium-sized box in this room.

Do You Have A Lot Of Items?

At this point, you need to consider the kind of lifestyle you lead. Are you a minimalist, a packrat, or somewhere in between? For minimalists, packing up your home will probably be pretty straightforward.

With fewer items, you’ll need fewer moving boxes and fewer moving supplies overall. For a packrat, the process is likely to take much longer. On the bright side, if you’re a packrat, you could use this opportunity to clear out rooms you haven’t entered in a while.

How Big Are The Rooms & Items Inside?

Another consideration is the size of the room and the number of items in each. If you’ve got lots of big spaces in your home, you’re likely to have more stuff to pack!

Are Your Items Light or Heavy?

Finally, the weight of your items could determine the size of the boxes you use. We recommend putting heavier items in small moving boxes and packing larger moving boxes with lots of lighter things. This protects your items and ensures your boxes don’t break as you move them.

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