How Do I Choose The Right Box For My Product?

Choosing the right box for your package is becoming increasingly important with the rise of online shopping. While we once did all of our shopping via traditional brick-and-mortar shops, online shopping now accounts for 90% of all purchases globally.

However, when it comes to finding the right box, you may feel limited on your options, or you may feel forced to make the cheapest options work to save on costs. Here is some advice on how you can choose the right box for your product.

Questions To Consider

There are some major questions you need to consider and ideally answer when deciding which box is right for your product. Once you’ve answered the questions below, you’ll know the best packaging solutions for any situation.

How Big/Small Is My Product?

Product size is an obvious consideration when determining the box you want to use. You want to ensure that it is close to a perfect fit as possible, to avoid using an excessive amount of void fill or paying additional shipping costs for larger sizes.

With a custom box that fits your product’s exact dimensions, you no longer need to worry about the excess space in the box or the product moving around while being shipped.

How Fragile/Flexible Is My Product?

Some products may be able to be bent, folded, and otherwise maneuvered to fit inside the packaging without being damaged. These types of products are great to work with as they’ll often fit into any sort of box without issue. However, other products may be more fragile.

For small, fragile items, an indestructo mailer may be what you need to keep your product safe. You should always consider how likely the package can move around during shipping and how safe the product is before you send it out.

How Heavy/Light Is My Product?

The heavier the product, the more secure and sturdy your box will need to be. Thin cardboard gives out under a heavy weight, and will have your product falling out of the bottom of the box the second it’s lifted. If that happens, it may ultimately lead to damages and you having to send out a replacement.

A slotted carton or kraft box may be ideal for your heavier product, featuring support flaps and being easily sealed by tape to ensure your product doesn’t make a great escape.

Packaging Tips

Here are some additional tips you may want to implement when determining which box or packaging solution is right for you.


You need to take into account what environments your product will encounter on the way to the customer and you should choose a box that will adapt to all environments. Keep in mind how many transitions it will make between warehouses and trucks and how much will the package be thrown around, loaded, or unloaded.

Think about the weather too – if the box spends any time out in the rain, it’ll probably be ruined if not adaptable enough.


The more your box stands out, the better. Both your customer and the handler are likely to take more notice of your package if it’s set apart from the rest by a funky design or vibrant colour.

Brand Identity

Consider having a logo or something exclusive to your brand printed largely on the box or package. You want your customers to feel a certain level of joy when they see your projected image and having them know what they’re opening before they open it, will solidify that feeling. Try buying packaging in bulk to keep your brand consistent.

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