You know what’s nice? Being able to do what you love—and being able to talk about it!

That’s exactly what our e-commerce business manager, Olivia, is doing in the Spring 2018 edition of noted e-commerce magazine Delivering the Online World. As the e-commerce world continues to grow, it brings with it some unique challenges that new and established businesses alike cannot ignore. Chief among them is the need for high-quality packaging that protects products and impresses customers without breaking budgets.

That’s something we know pretty well here at The Packaging Company, and Olivia’s happy to lend her know-how for a feature on packaging strategies. A few of the topics she covers includes:

  • Choosing the right packaging: sometimes a box isn’t always the most economical choice for shipping out customer orders (bubble mailers are pretty great!).
  • Keeping enough packaging on hand: different products require different packaging options, and sales spikes are always potentially on the horizon.
  • Customizing and branding packaging: there are so many online stores out there, and one of the best ways to differentiate is through smart, attractive and customer-appreciative packaging.

Everyone benefits when you share knowledge, and we think Olivia does that pretty well. We started The Packaging Company with one mission in mind: help businesses like yours find the high-quality packaging supplies their products need, and the attractive packaging reputation your brand deserves. We’re your e-commerce partner.

Keep an eye out for the Spring 2018 edition of Delivering the Online World, we think it’s a good one.