Custom Packing Tape Solutions For Your Small Business

Every business must have a packaging and shipping process for their goods to reach their customers. It is an important element that is difficult to make your own and stand out with. Custom packing tape is one of the many ways that you can make your packaging unique with The Packaging Company.

If you want to set yourself apart from every other small business, then you will consider customizing your packing tape. It is an easy, cost-effective way to revamp your packaging process whilst maintaining safety for your packages. As a bonus, your brand awareness will only increase with your logo visible to all on your packaging.

Why Should You Use Custom Packing Tape

Custom packing tape is a type of packaging tape but it is also so much more. It allows you to advertise your logo, company name, or brand signifier uniquely. As well, your packages will stand out against others and represent your brand proudly whilst being cost-effective and reliable.

Cost Effective

Custom tape is a useful product for small businesses. It removes the need for multiple tapes for different circumstances when packaging a parcel. Therefore, it simultaneously reduces storage space and unnecessary costs.

As well, custom tape reduces the need for additional purchases such as stickers or stationery that are customized to strengthen the brand. Instead, the custom tape can be used in multiple ways. It can not only package boxes but also act as an indirect marketing technique and create a brand identity without additional costs.

High-Quality, Reliable Tape

At The Packaging Company, we use water-activated tape which is made from paper and strong yarn that, when wet, attaches to materials and forms a bond. As a result, tamper to the seal is easily visible which further secures your packaging when in transit.

Water-activated tape is a high-quality type of tape that is incredibly reliable, especially compared to regular packing tape. Regular tape takes longer to apply and uses more tape which creates more waste of both materials and labor. Overall, the water-activated tape is the better choice, particularly as it can be customized and protects your packages more.

Create Brand Awareness

During the shipping process, your packages are handled by multiple different people until they arrive with your customers. Within that time, many people come into contact with your brand. With custom tape, these people would be able to identify your parcels with your brand and create an association. It may pique their interest and introduce them to your website.

Any extra attention to your brand is important for success. Studies show that small businesses represented a whopping 97.5% of U.S. exports in 2016. The competition is aggressive and so setting yourself apart with customized tape is key to boosting your brand identity.

Get Custom Packing Tape For Your Small Business

With The Packaging Company, it has never been easier to customize and purchase your own branded packing tape for all of your packaging needs. It is suitable for any situation, and we are happy to provide a high-quality selection. Revamp your small business packaging solutions and design your own unique custom packing tape today through our easy-to-use design tools.