No matter how many times you’ve moved, it’s always a big event. You have to coordinate packing everything up, cancelling or transferring services, and directing all the people helping you on the big day. So why not do what you can to make things easier for you? There are a bunch of ways—and a bunch of moving supplies—that’ll help you make your efforts go faster and smoother than you thought possible. Here’s 8 smart moving shortcuts that we think you should know.

Use new moving boxes

It’s best to use new boxes. They won’t have dents, rips, crushed corners or water damage—all things that compromise the strength and reliability of a box. And for an easier move, consider using moving boxes. Their dimensions are specifically designed to prevent overpacking, and to make stacking on moving trucks much easier.

Use wardrobe boxes

Having to pack away clothes in multiple boxes is a drawn-out, mind-numbing experience. Use wardrobe boxes instead to stack, store and transport clothing easily. They’re designed to easily fit in moving trucks, and some even include a metal bar for hanging up shirts, suits, dresses and anything else you’d prefer to keep on a hanger.

Bag up loose hardware

It can be ridiculously easy to lose screws and other components when taking things apart. You can save yourself tons of hassle by putting all hardware into little baggies, sealing them up and taping them to their matching piece of furniture. Your only worry will be reassembling everything later.

Use drawers as boxes

If your clothing is already tucked away in drawers, we say leave ‘em in there. Wrap the individual drawers in stretch wrap to keep everything contained. You won’t have to pack them in moving boxes, and you can easily remove the stretch wrap once you’re in your new place.

Wrap up your furniture

Still got stretch wrap left over? Great! Use it to wrap up any furniture with moving parts—you’ll prevent damage caused by a door swinging open or a drawer sliding out. As an added benefit, you can keep anything soft or padded inside your furniture, saving yourself from packing more moving boxes.

Use your suitcases

Since your suitcases are making the trip to your new place, put them to work. They’re a great place to stash more clothes, toiletries or personal electronics. If your suitcases have wheels and a pull-out handle, fill them with your book collection. It’ll make transporting those heavy items so much easier.

Label everything on the side

We tend to write everything on the top of the box, but how do you see what you’ve written when boxes are stacked on top of each other? Write box contents or room destinations on the sides of your boxes. It’ll be easier to see, and your movers won’t have to ask where everything is going.

Make a First Night Box

After a long day of loading up a truck, driving to your new place and unloading everything there, you’re gonna be tired. You’ll want a shower, maybe a drink of water, and then drop into bed. Fill a moving box with everything you’ll need that first night in your new home. Toiletries, a change of clothes, and anything else you’ll want right away. Your body will thank you.

These simple and easy changes seem to make all the difference in how your moving efforts go. These smart moving shortcuts are not only fast to implement, but many take advantage of the moving supplies you’ll already have with you. Good luck, and make sure you enjoy all that extra relaxation time you create for yourself!