Unboxing is all the rage these days, and with good reason. It turns an expected experience into an unexpected one, full of surprise and entertainment. When you’re a customer, you’re always eager to open your order and retrieve what’s inside—but when you’re greeted by bright colours, textures and gifts you weren’t expecting… well, that’s exciting. Here’s 7 ways you can make your customers’ unboxing experiences incredibly memorable.

Boxes with Inside Colour

We’re all used to seeing boxes that are kraft brown. That’s why colour boxes or custom printed boxes are so appealing to us. But what about splitting the difference, so to speak—keeping the outside brown, but printing the inside with a bright or rich colour? It’s certainly a novel way to decorate a shipping container. Think about how surprised your customers will be to open their box and find vibrant pink or deep blue inner walls waiting for them. That’s memorable.

Custom Tissue Paper

If you’ve ever held it, you know how great it feels. And, when customers see their orders wrapped in tissue, it’s like receiving an extra special gift—and they can’t wait to unwrap it. You can take those feelings a step further by using custom tissue paper in your unboxing strategy.

Having your logo patterned across a sheet of soft tissue paper gives your shipments a more custom and upscale feel. Customers feel more appreciated and remember your business more often in the future. You can even dial up the personality of your packaging by printing fun graphics or sayings on your custom tissue paper. Imagine “Thank You!” or “You’re Awesome!” patterned near-endlessly across it. With that level of recognition and appreciation, you’ll build the kind of brand loyalty others covet.

TPC Tip: Once you’ve wrapped up products, secure the tissue paper with twine or ribbon.

Matching Gifts

Selling phone cases? Cleaning cloths are always welcomed by a customer. Selling dress shirts? Collar stays are an easy add-on they’ll appreciate. Simple but appropriate gifts can make a customer’s loyalty to your brand skyrocket. And those gifts don’t have to necessarily be product-related, either. Plenty of businesses send out branded materials like stickers, funny comics, or seemingly random items. No matter what you choose, it’ll be surprising, appreciated and memorable.

Candy & Gum

It’s delicious stuff that almost everyone loves, and it’s guaranteed to make your customer smile!

Product Samples

Who doesn’t dig samples? If they’re related to a customer’s order, they’ll feel appreciated—you’re paying attention to them and what they buy. If they’re simply random samples of other product lines you have, customers will enjoy the surprise nonetheless. Plus, you’ll build customer awareness of those same products and make them likelier to purchase in the future.

Discount Codes & Promotional Offers

These guys are one of the strongest ways to encourage future patronage, and can take multiple forms. Offers like exclusive discounts for loyal customers and high-volume shoppers, percentage discounts on products you know that customer will buy again, 2-for-1 promotions and even gift with purchases. Customers appreciate the price breaks—and by giving a little, you get a lot in return.

Thank You Cards

The final touch to any customer order is the thank-you card. It’s the most direct way to say you appreciate them shopping with you, and is one of the most effective ways to make sure they come back. Making it handwritten is an even more effective tactic, as it’s proof that an actual human (and one that clearly cares) packed their order for delivery. You can use high-end or branded stationery, or simply keep one side of a branded postcard empty for writing on. Whatever you choose, reference what they ordered—it’s just yet another way to show you’re paying attention.

It’s essential to stand out from your competition, and showing you’re grateful for your customers is a sharp, simple and effective way to do it. These little additions can turn a customer’s order into a full-fledged unboxing experience, and turn them from a one-time purchaser to a repeat customer. Just remember to have fun—it’ll shine through in your choices, and make your customers smile.