Eco-friendly food supplies can be a beneficial upgrade to your business. Whether you run a bakery, cafe, restaurant, or takeout, recyclable and biodegradable food supplies can be an advantageous option.

The benefits of making the upgrade to eco-friendly food supplies include:

  • Helping to reduce your business’s carbon footprint
  • Reducing the waste that you and your customers produce
  • Reducing transportation costs
  • Enhancing your brand image and drawing in a new, more conscious consumer base

Being more conscious has implications outside of your business too. Indeed, choosing eco-friendly food supplies is great for the planet and its biodiversity and can benefit you and your employees’ health.

When it comes to eco-friendly food supplies, there are a ton of options that suit different business types. Below, we’ve summarized some of the uses and benefits of popular eco-friendly food supplies.

Eco-Friendly Pizza Slice Containers

Eco-friendly pizza slice containers are a convenient way for pizza businesses to offer takeout without creating lots of extra waste. They’re easy to dispose of, being both recyclable and compostable, and they look great, helping to make you look more professional as a business.

Eco-Friendly Wrap Containers

Eco-friendly wrap containers can provide an elegant and professional way to display your sandwich wraps. With a transparent screen, these containers allow customers to see your tasty fillings before choosing a sandwich for their lunch. They’re also closed containers, perfect for grab-and-go food.

Eco-Friendly Sandwich Containers

Eco-friendly sandwich containers, like wrap containers, allow customers to see sandwich fillings, making their lunchtime decisions easier. They’re also closed and easy to place in your bag to carry back to work without spillages.

Recyclable and compostable, these containers are easy to dispose of and can enhance your brand image, appealing to a more conscious consumer class.

Eco-Friendly Meal Containers

Eco-friendly meal containers are excellent for hot food takeout and restaurant leftover takeaway options. They keep food hot, protect it from the outside, and are a convenient shape to hold a range of hot foods.

Like our other eco-friendly food supplies, our hot food containers look sleek and professional, ensuring your food looks great, even when taken out.

Eco-Friendly Food Pouches

Eco-friendly food pouches are an excellent way to make the pick and mix foods you offer much more eco-friendly. Perfect for foods your customer chooses themselves, like nuts and seeds, or pre-made mixes that you sell in your business, these food pouches come sealed for freshness.

Like our other containers, these pouches can be easily recycled and are compostable in industry settings. They look professional and smart but can also be customized with your stickers to let the customer know what is inside.

Eco-Friendly Custom Food-Paper

Eco-friendly custom food paper is a fantastic way to keep your branding consistent throughout your business. With our custom-made food paper, you can transfer your branding to recyclable paper and ensure that your logo is a recognizable part of your packaging.

We love this food paper as it allows for protected and fresh food while reducing your waste and your customers’ waste.

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