When school lets out for the year, more than 6 million kids head off to summer camp for days of swimming, arts and crafts and time in the sun. Overnight camps welcome more than half of those campers, who stay for at least a week—and sometimes even the entire summer. That’s a long time to be away from home, both for you and your child. So, there’s no better way to stay in touch than by sending a care package for your little camper. Here’s our picks for summer camp mailing tips.

Parental Quick Tip #1: Verify both yours and the camp’s information—phone numbers and emails especially. Also, check if they allow non-emergency camper phone calls.

1. Confirm the mailing address of the camp. It’s often different from its physical address.

2. Check what you’re allowed to send. Some camps don’t allow certain items or foods that could affect kids with serious allergies. Some camps don’t allow care packages at all.

3. Send social items like board games, basic sports equipment, books and art supplies. It’ll encourage sharing and interaction with their other campers. Plus, the care package box will give them one more item to decorate over the summer (especially a custom box!).

4. Avoid sending them expensive gifts, like music players or tablets. It could cause friction between campers, and is likely against the camp’s care package rules.

5. Include a few pre-addressed and stamped envelopes. Not only will it be easier to send a letter home, it’ll actually encourage them to do so.

Packing Tip: Bundle up that care package with the right packaging supplies—after all, nothing’s worse than being excited to get mail, only to find what’s inside is broken. If you’re sending fresh clothes, a courier bag will save them from damage or dirt, while bubble cushion will protect toys from breaking on their journey.

Parental Quick Tip #2: Follow the camp’s social media accounts. Roughly 80% of summer camps use social media for marketing and sharing some of their activities.

With these summer camp mailing tips, you’ll be all set for sending the ultimate care package to your little camper. And remember, they’re having a great time and so can you. Enjoy the downtime, relax, and even do a little camping of your own. In no time, you’ll be looking forward to the end of summer—and the start of the new school year.

Stats Source: regpacks.com