Dispensary packaging is a fast-growing category in the packaging world, one that’s important for the future of both the medicinal and recreational health sectors. As more and more products can be bought online and shipped around to consumers, considerations like product integrity, human safety and lawful use are key when it comes to choosing the right type of protective container. With that in mind, here’s 5 reasons to use dispensary pouches for your potent offerings and creations.

They’re specifically designed for medicinal & recreational products

Products that aren’t properly cared for end up losing their effectiveness quickly. Air, light and dirt can damage its quality, and even the wrong container materials can cause it to turn. Dispensary pouches are made from food-grade materials that won’t alter cannabis or other products once it’s in direct contact. UV-resistant coatings help to keep out light and the zipper closure keeps the freshness in.

They provide user discretion & privacy

Those same materials that block out light also block out prying eyes. That’s a key benefit when you’re looking to avoid being hassled or criticized for the contents of your dispensary packaging. That privacy protection extends even further with odour-resistant materials that help to contain scents and smells. Both medical marijuana and other recreational products tend to be fragrant, which can attract unwanted attention.

They provide visible proof of tampering

Unfortunately, sticky fingers are a real thing. You know how they tell you not to send birthday cards with money through the mail? Buying recreational cannabis online means it needs to be delivered, which means there’s the potential for interception by unscrupulous people. Dispensary bags are made of high-quality materials that can stand up to tearing and ripping efforts, while clearly displaying that someone’s tried to get inside. These features can be enough to scare off would-be thieves.

They use child-resistant features to ensure safety

Kids are inquisitive (sometimes snoopy), naïve (sometimes careless), and aren’t always aware of dangers close to them. It’s important to keep risky or inappropriate products out of their hands, and plenty of dispensary packaging now utilizes child-resistant features. Closure button locks and extra-strong zippers are two ways they help keep little hands at bay.

They’re a great candidate for custom printing & branding

Custom packaging is a stellar way to make your corrugated boxes and mailer envelopes stand out from the rest of the crowd—and dispensary packaging is no different. Branding is often the differentiator between recreational products, and the blank canvas of dispensary bags is perfect for showing off some style and personality. But this is also a sector that will be under heavy regulation, and any design work will need to educate as well as entertain. Be sure to know what information or warnings your government requires your custom printed dispensary bags to have.

Dispensary bags and dispensary pouches are a great addition to any medicinal or recreational cannabis packaging strategy. They’re convenient, discrete and, when handled right, aid in both personal and product safety. And, of course, it’s important to be aware of all legal requirements when using dispensary packaging, even now as attitudes and viewpoints change. Being cutting-edge and forward-thinking isn’t an advantage if you’re not mindful of expectations and responsibilities.