5 Key Warehouse Supplies for Efficient Operations

As the most essential part of the supply chain, warehouses are often the unsung hero of quality operations management. During COVID-19, their importance has become even more relevant, with both the public and the industrial sector relying on warehouses to deliver efficient operations that will keep stores and businesses well-stocked. Similarly, as essential workers, many warehouse staff must navigate trying to keep up with the added workload while taking care of their own personal health.

To help warehouse managers maintain their efficiency, The Packaging Company has put together a list of five items that help speed up everyday jobs so that staff are able to take proper care of their health and safety.

1. Job Ticket Holders

Keeping on top of records in a warehouse is no easy feat. With plenty of stock both entering and leaving your facility, warehouse managers and their staff have many responsibilities to juggle, especially on larger premises. To help facilitate this procedure, you will likely have job tickets that can organize boxes and crates accordingly.

Despite being incredibly useful, job tickets themselves require some attention. This is where job ticket holders come in. The Packaging Company manufactures a selection of job ticket holders, available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any need. Better yet, our holders have clear sides on the front and back, making double-sided job tickets clearly visible to staff.

2. Dollies

Warehouses often deal with heavy equipment and items which can be difficult for one person to carry alone. Rather than having to draft several employees out to help transport just one item, you can make this procedure much more efficient by providing dollies and carts in your warehouse.

Dollies are innovative tools that help carry heavy items with ease. At The Packaging Company, we provide a range of dollies fit for your exact needs. More importantly, all our dollies prioritize user safety with various security features in place that will give your staff the peace of mind when working with heavy items. We also stock hand trucks and carts too!

3. Cable Ties

Even though stock might be well-protected inside your warehouse, they will soon have to face the elements and the hazards of transit when taken outside for shipping. Keeping everything in one piece can be a challenge, especially if your cables or pipes are not securely fastened.

Cable ties are the ideal solution for making sure loose items and boxes stay together during transit inside your warehouse and when leaving for shipping or collection. Here at The Packaging Company, our cable ties are available in a variety of colors and materials, including nylon and stainless steel, ideal for a wide range of different products.
Need extra help undoing or cutting cables? Our cable tie gun can do just that!

4. PPE

With no immediate resolution to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, taking care of your warehouse staff is now an absolute priority for keeping operations running in top form. As well as ensuring their health needs are cared for and that they receive regular breaks to rest, your staff must also be protected from COVID-19 and other seasonal illnesses, such as the flu.

Thankfully, with personal protective equipment, you can help make the workplace much safer for your employees. At The Packaging Company, we stock a wide range of PPE including face masks, gowns, gloves and you can even customize your face masks!

To reduce the risk of workplace transmission in your warehouse, make sure your staff are equipped with face masks and station several hand-washing booths across the premises. Finally, ensure that all visitors follow correct sanitary practices and are easily contactable in the event of an infection.

5. Edge Protectors

No warehouse wants to deal with the fallout that happens from damaged goods. Even with the right packaging, sometimes certain items need a bit of extra cushioning to ensure safe storage and shipment in your warehouse.

Edge protectors are a simple yet highly effective method of shielding crates and fragile items from the wear and tear during transit and storage. At The Packaging Company, our edge protectors offer a sturdy solution to help protect and stabilize your wares.

Purchase Quality Warehouse Supplies with The Packaging Company

By investing in quality supplies and tools for your warehouse, warehouse managers and their staff can enjoy many new benefits, including superior safety on-site and improved operations efficiency. If you are looking to purchase warehouse supplies from a quality supplier that puts your needs first, choose The Packaging Company. Browse our warehouse supplies catalog today, or contact us to learn how we can assist your warehouse with smooth operations.