No one likes difficult packaging. Ever bought a pair of scissors, only to realize you need another pair of scissors to open the packaging? Or received a box wrapped up in so much tape, you’ve got no idea where to start cutting? Bad packaging techniques waste time, money and can hamper reputations. With the trend towards e-commerce packaging and better shipping practices, frustration-free packaging supplies are the new wave of the future. Here’s 5 of our favourites that we think you’ve just got to try.

Mailer Envelopes

Frustration-Free Packaging Supplies - Mailer Envelopes

Who needs tape? Who needs extra void fill? Not mailer envelopes, that’s for sure!

Mailers are perfect for shipping smaller items that don’t really need a box—like books, movies, picture frames and more. Clad in either polyethylene or kraft paper, most are lined with bubble cushion, protecting whatever’s inside and reducing the need for extra packing material. Even courier bags, made simply of tear-resistant polyethylene, are ideal for protecting small items and pieces of clothing. Once everything’s loaded inside, pull the protective strip and the adhesive seals the mailer up—no tape required (a recurring theme in frustration-free packaging, for sure).

Poly Mailers with PAC-ZIP have an easy-open pull-strip for customers. Now that’s frustration-free packaging!

Front Lock Mailers

Frustration-Free Packaging Supplies - Front-Lock Mailers

The perfect joining of shipping container and display box. These guys are popular in the e-commerce world, and for good reason!—turning delivery and unboxing into a memorable experience. Their front-locking tabs provide a secure closure, and the box itself is ridiculously easy to assemble (no tape needed!). An attractive sticker or label with your logo or a witty note can act as “security seal” and help complete your branding.

Want fun and frustration-free? Try out FLM Custom Boxes.

Dispenser Boxes

Frustration-Free Packaging Supplies - Dispenser Boxes

You know how useful bubble cushion and foam are. Everything travels much more safely once it’s wrapped up and packed away. But you also probably know how easy it is to use too much, wasting your time and your supplies. That’s where dispenser boxes are a great solution—they’re easy to carry, store away, and house one long, perforated roll of your packing material of choice. Need some bubble or foam? Reach right in and tear off a pre-measured, perforated piece. Easy.

Want fun and frustration-free? Try our Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions Dispenser Boxes.

Mailing Tubes

Frustration-Free Packaging Supplies - Mailing Tubes

If you’re shipping out posters or blueprints, folding up beautiful artwork into a box just isn’t an option. Longer objects like fishing rods and other “hard goods” take less packaging effort (and use less void fill) when you put them in a mailing tube. Easy-to-use end caps seal up either side of the tube, preventing lighter objects from sliding out or being damaged by dirt—and if your objects are a bit heavier, a little packing tape is all it takes to secure the caps to the tube. No frustration here!

Nifty® Hand Tear Tape

Frustration-Free Packaging Supplies - Nifty Hand-Tear Tape

No teeth needed! When it comes time to actually need packing tape, small serrated edges allow for easy hand-tearing. No longer must you frustratingly hunt for a pair of scissors, use a knife or do battle with a stubborn tape dispenser. And just because it’s convenient, it doesn’t mean you lose usefulness—NIFTY® tape works just as well as regular packing tape. Simply pull, tear and apply. You’re done.

The future looks bright for frustration-free packaging, doesn’t it? When it’s time for creating custom boxes or finding the best packaging supplies for your project, The Packaging Company’s here for you. Our apologies to frustration-filled packaging, though—all we’ve got for you is the door.