The clothing industry is fiercely competitive. Companies need to differentiate themselves in any way they can, with many focusing on using either eco-friendly or custom branded packaging. But what about the online clothing stores looking to do both? It can be a struggle to balance environmental values, economical concerns, and branded packaging options—that is, until now.  With our assortment of eco-friendly packaging for clothing stores, eco-conscious companies can work towards creating happy customers and a healthy planet.

Eco-Friendly Mailers

Mailer envelopes are a great way for clothing companies to ship most apparel. But there are plenty of options out there, and it can be tough to choose the right one—especially when trying to be eco-conscious.

Our line of eco-friendly mailers—made from recycled material or sustainable sources—are a great solution to that dilemma. Some styles are even reinforced by (recyclable) fiberglass, providing extra protection to your products while being kind to the environment.

These mailers look sweet on their own, but if you’re looking to print your logo on them—just ask!

Custom Tissue Paper

Some clothing and accessories are more susceptible to damage than others. And giving them a little bit of extra protection before they’re packed does them a world of good. Custom tissue paper is great for wrapping fragile and delicate items (both in-store and for online orders), providing a thin yet effective layer of cushioning (that’s seriously attractive, too!).

Our custom tissue paper is acid-, lignin- and sulfur-free. Sourced from responsibly managed forests, it ensures our processes are high quality, sustainable and leave little impact on the Earth.

Environmental protection goes beyond just our forests. Synthetic inks can have hamper recycling efforts, have a devastating effect on water sources, and cause health issues for handlers. Using soy-based inks in our custom tissue paper means it’s easier to recycle (and improves colour reproduction, too). Together, we can create great packaging and still make a positive impact on the future.

Custom Tape

Corrugated boxes are widely used for good reason—they’re strong and reliable. But after a while, that sea of brown cubes can get a bit boring. Brands looking to spice up their packaging would do well to check out custom packing tape. It’s the perfect way for their shipments to stand out.

Packing tape hasn’t always been looked at positively. From an environmental standpoint, it must be removed from boxes to recycle them, and plastic tape liner isn’t easily reclaimed.

However, our custom packing tape brings some good to the table—it’s made from kraft paper and is water-activated. This means the paper, ink and adhesive can be easily recycled, and you don’t even have to remove it from a corrugated box. This easy recyclability is a great way to complement its vivid colours—care for the environment while simultaneously catching the eyes of your customers.

Custom Poly Mailers

Really looking to stand out, but find our eco-friendly mailers are more than your products need? Custom poly mailers are a smart alternative. Made from 100% polyethylene—one of the most easily recyclable materials out there—these mailers can fit a variety of soft items and protect them from light, dirty and moisture. And like our other custom printed packaging, printing on custom mailers doesn’t affect their recyclability (it only makes it more memorable for your consumers!).

Custom Label Rolls

Custom labels are a small touch that can make a big impact. The subtlety of the labels enables companies to put their logo/slogan on everything.  Available in multiple shapes and sizes, these labels are a great way to put logos, slogans and other branding elements on mailers, boxes, pouches and nearly any other form of packaging.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “Are they an eco-friendly choice for my store?”

Like the rest of our custom packaging line—yes, they are!

Custom label rolls are easy to apply—and made even easier with label dispensers—and stay applied thanks to a strong adhesive backing. After a customer receives their order, custom labels can be put into the recycling bin (just like our other custom packaging).

TPC Tip: You can create a harmonized eco-friendly and branded packaging look by securing custom tissue with custom labels.

Protecting our planet and having appealing packaging can now go hand in hand. Here at The Packaging Company, we’re dedicated to offering great-looking and branded eco-friendly packaging choices for clothing stores. Be sure to visit our custom shop and try out our free and easy-to-use online packaging designer tools. Happy creating!