Food trucks are treasured by foodies, partiers and hungry people alike. The smashing together of all those flavours in a quickly-produced meal is appealing in a way most other fast food isn’t. But it’s also messy, and sometimes hard to handle. That’s where the right food truck packaging supplies are important. As a food truck owner, it’ll keep your food creations intact, while saving the hands (and potentially the clothes) of your customers. Here’s 4 delicious foods that benefit from the right food truck packaging.

Hot Dogs & Sausages

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot dog (and maybe some limeade!) on a warm, sunny day. With the toppings piled high, almost too high (if there’s even such a thing), it’s the perfect thing to eat, recovering from a day of walking, shopping and taking in the sights.

Of course, even paired with a soft and heated bun, it can take serious strategy for a customer to eat that hot dog right (messy clothes or sticky hands? No thanks!). A paper hot dog tray will help keep things in their rightful places, sparing customers the frustration of extra laundry detergent later. If they’re taking it plain or with minimal condiments, dry waxed food sheets and foil sheets make those hot dogs and sausages an easy-to-carry package.


It’s hard to beat melty cheese, bacon and onions, and maybe a few choice sauces piled on top of a perfectly-charred beef patty. It always hits the spot and often satisfies a craving we didn’t know we had right at that moment. But with all those toppings and that hot grease, it’s another checkmark on the list of foods that aren’t easy to eat while away from a table.

If your customers are taking it to-go, foil hamburger bags or foil sheets are the way to do it. You can load that delicious creation into a bag, or wrap it up in no time at all. Handing that stacked tower of beef and toppings to them alongside some hot fries in a basket or tray? Food truck packaging supplies like dry waxed food sheets will keep things in place, and save those eager hands from grease pools or burns.


Though we say it’s never the wrong time for burgers or hot dogs, sometimes you just want the cooling, easy experience of a nice sandwich. Crisp toppings, a thin layer of condiment, and a whole lot of meat sandwiched between some surprisingly delicious bread is yet another hard-to-beat food truck delicacy.

Sandwich bags are a smart choice for handing a customer’s order to them. The open end makes it easy to tear into the ridiculously appealing meal, while the bag itself helps to catch any of the little bits that might fall out during consumption. And if they’re once again taking it to go, dry waxed food sheets will keep everything in place while they make a mad dash back to their office (or their favourite bench) for lunch time.

French Fries

Arguably the best way one can eat potatoes. Golden and crispy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside. To this day, even as adults, we tend to start chowing down when they’re still too hot to eat. We can’t help ourselves, it’s true!

French fry bags are the simplest, most tried and true food truck packaging method of handing off fries (at least, the naked kind) to eager customers. Stuffed into a bag, steaming and smelling like carbohydrate heaven, it’s the easiest way to cart them around. Don’t forget the dip, either. Preferably garlic or chipotle. We’ve heard some people even dig ranch—we won’t judge (too much)!

Giving those fries the absolute works? Layer in a dry waxed food sheet underneath all that goodness. The carrying tray—and your customer’s hands—will thank you.

Food trucks are undeniably one of the best ways for a quick and super delicious meal. Using the right food truck packaging supplies means your customers get to concentrate on enjoying their speedy meal, instead of worrying about the messes that inevitably come with it. Bon appétit!