4 Benefits of Using Custom Branded Food Paper

For restaurants, delis, butcher shops, food trucks, or groceries, food packaging is just as important as the products they sell. Customers see it before they even see the food, therefore making custom food paper the perfect way to set yourself apart.

Custom food paper turns burger and sandwich wraps, basket liners, cuts of meat and produce into symbols of a business’s pride and quality. When businesses and customers feel good about every part of a product, including packaging, they’re more likely to have long, trusting relationships.

Here are four ways The Packaging Company’s custom food paper helps food enterprises accomplish that.

1. It’s Greaseproof

Let’s say you’ve just opened a burger restaurant. If a customer’s first experience with the food is that it drips all over their shirt before they eat it, do you think they’ll come back the next time they crave a good burger on a lunch break?

The custom greaseproof paper starts customers off with a great first impression. It shows that a restaurant takes the customer’s whole experience into account, making regulars out of first-time visitors.

2. It’s Compostable

Food packaging accounts for tons of waste annually. As landfills overflow, winds and water currents carry discarded food wrappers miles away. Unfortunately, even recyclable food packaging ends up places it shouldn’t.

When custom food paper is compostable, it breaks down completely within months. No matter where it ends up, whether blown out of a garbage truck or into a local composting site, it leaves nothing but enriching biomass behind.

3. It Boosts Brand Recognition And Awareness

Custom food paper is built-in marketing. When coworkers see someone with a delicious sandwich sit down in the break room, they want to know where it came from. With a branded sandwich wrap, they’ll have their answer instantly.

Social media is king in an age when foodies post tantalizing photos of meals online, so if a restaurant’s newest creation is wrapped neatly in a logo-decorated wrapper, the product speaks for itself.

4. It’s Affordable

With modern printing techniques, custom food paper is about as affordable as plain wrappers when bought in bulk, because it’s also a marketing tool, custom food paper provides an extra bang for your buck.

Looking for High-Quality Custom Food Paper for Your Business?

At The Packaging Company, we’ve expanded our food packaging lineup to include seven sizes of custom food paper, shipping in 25-30 business days after a few easy steps:

1. Select size.
2. Upload your logo.
3. Choose one of six patterns.
4. Select a colour for the logo.
5. Select a paper colour.
6. Choose the quantity.

Then your custom food paper is on the way! Have questions? Check out our custom packaging FAQ or create an account to explore all of our attractive, eco-friendly options today.