3 Tips to Safely & Securely Package Stationery Items


With millions of children and young adults gearing up for a new academic year, the attention of parents, carers, and educators alike has turned to the annual stocking up on quality school supplies. Yet this year, things are different. This time, they will be joined by the rest of the professional world, who are now returning to the workplace following months of working from home. From essential pens and pencils, to dorm posters and journals, the Fall season is a peak time for sales in stationery stores across the country.

In today’s post, The Packaging Company will look at how stationery suppliers of all sizes can best package their products for secure transit and happier customers. Read on to find out how!

1. Stock Quality Paper Organizers & Boxes

No matter whether professional, academic, or just for the odd doodle, quality stationery all starts with paper. Many stationery stores dedicate plenty of time into crafting unique stationery solutions such as business card development or customized letter paper. Thanks to more professionals now operating out of new home offices and co-working spaces, stationery suppliers now have a fresh set of customers to provide for.

But how should suppliers and stationery stores best package these items?

When it comes to packaging items such as business cards, spare paper and office stationery, fibreboard is the go-to material.

Crafted from small particles of wood that are glued together, fibreboard offers a more environmentally sustainable way to manufacture lightweight yet sturdy boxes. Available as business card boxes or rigid set-up boxes, these packaging solutions are a reliable way to ship and store paper and card items with ease.

2. Use Tubes for Graphic Paper or Art

Popular in many student residences and for gifting, posters and wall art remain a hit throughout the year. Whether being sold in person inside stationery stores, or being custom designed on an online marketplace, there is plenty of demand for wall art.

Packaging wall art and posters so they do not fold or crease during shipping however can seem like a struggle. Though standard A4 envelopes are sufficient for very small posters, the majority of posters are too large to be wrapped into a protected envelope or box and are likely to creased during shipping. Indeed, the last thing any poster designer wants is to see their customers’ disappointment over a damaged piece of wall art.

This is where packaging tubes come in. Developed from firm cardboard, these hollow tubes hold posters in a rolled shape so that no creases or bends can form. Many poster tubes include a lid that makes them accessible and reusable for storage by the supplier and customer too.

3. Invest in Quality Wrapping

Including items such as pencils, pens, and paints, stationery can be a messy affair if incorrectly packaged. When being held in loose packaging for shipping, these items are much more likely to be damaged during transit, the result being an inky mess at your customer’s doorstep.

To keep these items secure, ensure your store or facility is well-equipped with wrapping materials. Items such as corrugated cardboard wrap and foam pouches can shield sensitive and delicate products from the many bumps and knocks of delivery.

Alternatively, if you are delivering a relatively small number of items, consider using mailer boxes. These lightweight cardboard boxes are crush-resistant and can be easily assembled, saving you plenty of time and energy with individual wrapping. Most importantly, its strength means your products will arrive in in the perfect condition they deserve to be in.

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