You can buy pretty much anything online these days. It’s why e-commerce has become such a force to reckon with, and it’s changed how packaging strategies and delivery charges are handled. With more and more customer orders moving from warehouses to homes on a regular basis, delivery truck space is at a premium, and everyone’s being squeezed financially. E-commerce friendly packaging like mailer envelopes help rein in costs, and getting them branded is helping online stores stand out. Here’s 3 reasons why your business should be using custom mailers in their packaging strategy.

It’s stand-out branding

Right away, printed mailers beat out standard mailer envelopes. That clean white or kraft surface just can’t compare to bright, vibrant colours and eye-catching logos. With so many customer shipments floating around in plain packaging, using custom mailers ensures your shipments stand out from that sea of kraft and corrugate. You’ll look unique, grab the attention of onlookers, and excite customers when your shipments approach.

It’s cost-effective packaging

You’ve got to spend money to make money, they say. And while there’s certainly truth to it, making smart packaging choices can reduce what you spend, thereby increasing what you make. Mailer envelopes are more cost-effective than other conventional shipping cartons, due to using less materials during manufacturing and needing no extra packaging supplies to complete them (we’re looking at you, corrugated boxes and packing tape!). They take up less space in storage areas, require less void fill than boxes, and their flatter and narrower footprints mean they reduce dimensional weight shipping costs. Doing right by your customers and your packaging budget, custom mailers are a monetary win.

It’s encouraging customer retention

One of the challenges of being an online store is having less direct contact with customers. It can be harder to form relationships without the face-to-face of a physical location, which means your packaging becomes vital to making a connection with your customers.

Investing in branded packaging like custom mailers reflects rather brilliantly on your operation. It shows that you’re proud of your brand and your products, and that you’ve got your eyes on the future of your business. It also tells customers that you care about their perception of you, and that you’re grateful for their patronage. You’re showing, not telling, customers that you appreciate them—and that’s such a powerful thing to experience, it’ll make them stick around now and absolutely come back later.

Custom mailers, shining with colour and beaming with pride, are an essential part of an online store’s packaging and shipping strategy. Visit our mailer designer to see what you’re capable of creating.

You’re looking ready and enthusiastic to enter the world of custom packaging. Be sure to try our other online design tools—they’re a fun, breezy and interactive way to create your own branded pieces. Whether you’re looking for custom mailers, tissue paper, labels, tape or boxes, The Packaging Company is here to help you on this exciting journey. And if you’ve got something unique in mind, don’t hesitate to chat up our customer service team!