The enduring power of Funko Pops is something to witness, isn’t it? Despite expanding its lineup to cover nearly every pop culture property out there—movies, TV shows, video games, mascots and more—Funko Pop sales never seem to saturate the market and collapse. That speaks to their value as a collectible and an investment, rather than simply toys.

Once you become a collector, building a collection inevitably brings an angsty dilemma to light. Either you build more display shelves or you start storing Funko Pops away. And even then, no matter which option you choose, there’s still the matter of the Funko Pops boxes themselves. What exactly do you do with those small but essential-for-resale containers?

Either way, you’re going to be storing Funko Pops in some capacity. Here’s 3 ways you can make sure you’re packing away these valuable collectibles right.

Tactics for Storing Funko Pops

Every successful endeavour starts with a plan and storing Funko Pops is no different. Gathering up the packaging supplies and materials you’ll need to stash them away safely is a smart first step. Here’s a simple but effective list that can get you started:

  • Storage Containers. This can be a plastic storage bin or any container you’re confident will house and protect your collection properly. We’ve listed some suggestions below.
  • Packing Tape. Applying tape is only necessary if you’re using a container that doesn’t create its own seal against dirt and moisture. Or if you’re storing Funko Pops away for the long term.
  • Markers & Pens. Not for the Funko Pop boxes, of course. They’re for labelling your storage containers and your storage list (we’ll get into that after these bullet points).
  • Foam Sheets or Packing Paper. Protecting those little boxes is paramount. If they’re stacked on top of and against each other, without proper padding, damage is inevitable. At the very least, using material between layers is a great first step. Wrapping each box will protect them better and keep their box corners nice and crisp.

If you’re a serious collector, eventually that collection will reach a threshold where it’s nearly impossible to keep track of each Funko Pop without a system. Make a storage list that’ll tell you what boxes are in what storage bin. The easiest way to do this is to number the container and list what’s inside it—we also suggest grouping Funko Pops by theme.

This way it’s faster to access the figures and boxes you want without having to open and unpack storage bins until you find them. It will also keep you sane.

Choose a clean, dry (and preferably dark) storage area. There’s nothing worse than investing lots of money and time into your collection, only to retrieve your bins and discover something detrimental has happened to it.

Containers for Storing Funko Pops

This is one of your most important choices when storing Funko Pops. You want something that will protect the collectibles themselves, keep out dust and dirt (blocking the light is also a good idea), and fit in the storage space you have. Here’s 3 great options, with both their pros and cons, that have been used by others to great success.

Plastic Storage Bins

These containers are ideal for large collections, as you can find storage bins that are quite ample in size. One of their best features is that their lids lock onto the body of the bin. If sealed correctly, they’ll keep out dirt, dust, moisture and even bugs.

If you’re worried about damage from sunlight, choose an opaque container. You can also use the bin’s colour as part of your storage system. Otherwise, you can simply keep a clear bin out of the light. Using a clear container also means you can see inside it without opening it.

You’ll pay a little more for plastic storage bins compared to boxes, but considering the potential value of your collection, they’re worth the cost. You can save money if buy them when they’re on clearance, which is usually after the big holidays like Christmas.

Corrugated Boxes

Ideal for small to mid-sized collections, boxes are never a bad storage choice. But, be aware that they can have their limitations.

Always start with a brand new corrugated box so it’s free of dents, water damage or contamination by bugs. They do just fine in extended storage (otherwise they’d never be used when people move), but you’ll need to ensure they’re not kept in humid, dirty or infested areas.

Use carton sealing tape to close them properly once they’re packed and you’ll prevent dirt and dust from getting inside. If you don’t have any foam or paper on hand, you can use corrugated dividers to separate Funko Pops boxes. Just be aware they’re vulnerable to the same conditions as the box, and can also take up more space inside.

That seems like a lot of warnings, we know. But you’re dealing with a valuable collection. Plan your packing and storing tactics ahead of time, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

File Folder Boxes

If you’ve got a small or rotating collection (or just need temporary storage), file folder boxes are a simple and workable option for you.

They’re easy to build and often feature a hinged lid for easy access. Most styles also have printed areas meant for writing on, making your storage system a little easier to track.

File storage boxes are also quite small, so they’ll fit fewer collectibles inside. The going rate seems to be about 16 of the standard Funko Pop boxes. They offer less protection than corrugated boxes or plastic storage bins since the lid doesn’t create a seal and the side hand holds can’t keep out dirt and dust. They also aren’t as cost-effective as either option, so be sure they’re right for your needs.

Like most things in life, taking the time to plan things out gives you the best results. You’ve put plenty of money and time into curating a collection you’re proud of, so we know you’ll invest a little of both into storing Funko Pops properly, too. Be sure to show us what you’ve come up with when you’re done!